Alfi's Cafe

"Everyone Meets At Alfi's."
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If this sound like a rework of a line from the movie, 'Casablanca,' you're right.

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  Regular Alfi's customers, Dorothy Ball and Shirley Jordan.

And the line does fit.

When you look at the collection of postcards and photos that grace the walls of this establishment, you can see that Alfi's is the place to be.

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Alfi's Cafe is located at 105 Palm
Street and the phone is 673-0617

Over the years, Alfi's has
built quite a colorful collection

People from all over the world  make it a point to stop at Alfi's, time and time again, just to soak-up of Alfi's homey unstuffy Balboa atmosphere while having a great breakfast.

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John Alfi's mug collection, many were donated by Alfi's fans

Owner, John Alfi owned Rob's restaurant in Tustin for over 15 years until he sold it in 1994. It was in November of that year that John opened Alfi's in Balboa, and it has been a Balboa favorite ever since.

John, with the help of his father, Jamil and his son Steve, along with the rest of the family on the weekends keep things running smoothly.

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Three generations of Alfi's to serve you. John, Steve and Jamil Alfi.

In appreciation of  Balboa's support for him, every Christmas John gives free Christmas Dinners to everyone in town that has nowhere to go, or just doesn't feel like cooking.

Alfi's Christmas Dinners have become a cherished Balboa tradition.