Pelon's Condorminums
A local artist's contribution
to the Balboa scene.

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His real name is Robert Owen but his friends just call him Pelon. A twenty year resident of Balboa, Pelon recently moved to Oregon after the death of his wife, Norma.

Always the prankster as well as an outstanding artiest, Pelon leaves his mark on anyone who gets to know him. One of his more noted works was on the corner of Cypress and Bay Avenue, a small grave mound with a cross bearing the words, "The Last Pup That Pooped Here."

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Vandals finally were able to rip-off part of the marker.

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Robert Owen


Just for the pleasure of it, Pelon started building birdhouses from scrap wood and old wooden wine boxes.

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As the collection grew a friend of Pelon's gave the collection of   birdhouses the name "Condorminums" and it stuck.

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You can see Pelon's Condorminums at the corner of Cypress and East Balboa Blvd.

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In addition to making birdhouses, Pelon is a noted painter, with his clown paintings being sold in the finest galleries.

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You can find out more about Robert Owen on his website, http://www.robertowen.com