Miss Bonnie

Balboa's Favorite Neighborhood Watch
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Bonnie Fulghum, a native of Toronto, Canada, says, "I came here when I was two years old. When I was ten I went back and finished my schooling there."

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Bonnie relaxes at the entrance
to the Main Street apartments she manages.

In the late 1950s Bonnie returned to California with her two children. The first place she stayed was Rudolph Valentino's old apartment, and she claims his ghost is still there.

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Bonnie has lived in Balboa
for 28 years

Today Bonnie works for the Main Street merchants, manages apartments, and is the Neighborhood Watch for the merchants association.

Bonnie words it this way, "I just care about the city and what happens here, and I love everybody in this town."

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NBC News recently interviewed Bonnie about her views on life in Balboa.

.And everyone loves Bonnie, as the plaque on one of the Main Street benches testifies with the words "Bonnie's Bench"

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Bonnie's Plaque on
Bonnie's Bench

This mother of two, grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of 15 has no trouble keeping up with the times. Or, as Bonnie says, "[I'm] full of vim, vigor, and vitality."

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Bonnie with  her son Bill
sitting on Bonnie's Bench