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Estelle Freeland sitting on the patio of her bay front apartment

When Estelle Freeland, a native of Newcastle P.A., first came to Balboa twenty years ago she   decided this was the place for her, and she has been at the same bay front apartment ever since.

Estelle has been known over on Balboa Island for over 30 years from when she first went to work for Marryann's a clothing manufacturer. Estelle remembers, "How clothes are made from scratch, it's a lot different from home." After 14 years Marryann died and Estelle opened her own shop in 1982. It was a small shop in the back of Cottenfield, a clothing store that closed in 1992.


That's when Estelle moved to her current upstairs location at 302 Marine. Estelle proudly says, "All my customers have become my friends."

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Estelle at another place in time

Estelle says about her Balboa apartment, "I love it or I wouldn't be here. How could I not like it. All my life I wanted to live on water. A window place on the bay. This is California living. I really like the people and great neighbors. Karen next door, she's just like a daughter.


As for her future, Estelle says, " My plans are a little bit undecided now. Do I want to stay or go to Denver which is a new vital and exciting town. I want to do a little more traveling nowI want to let up a little on work an have more fun, more fun."

Estelle's daughter, Susanna lives in Delaware. Her grand daughter, Jana, and 9 month old great grand daughter, Isabelle live in Fort Collins Colorado. Which explains her interest in living in Denver.

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Estelle's great grand daughter Isabelle