Le Guen's Bakery
Balboa's Newest Bakery
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   Claude LeGuen With One               Patricia Le Guen Offering
Of His Prized Bread Designs            An AssortmentOf Pastries

Claude Le Guen - Le Guen means white in Gaelic - was born in Lorien France. As a teenager Claude decided to become a baker because, as Claude words it, " All my uncles are bakers. In France being a baker is a very respected trade because it is where people get to together in the winter when it's cold.  A service to the community."

At age 13 Claude went Strasbourg to attend bakers school. He attended school during the day and worked as an apprentice at a bakery night. At age 18 Claude graduated with the prestigious, "Certificate Aptitude Professional Boulanger," The French government's official recognition of his abilities.

Claude's outstanding abilities as a baker are further demonstrated by Claude's winning a gold medal, 2 silver medals and a bronze medal in the "Salon Culinaire European," a national competition amongst France's finest chefs and bakers.


Watching Claude bake bread, you can see his talents at work. When baking authentic French bread, the bread is removed from the oven and returned three times during the baking process.

Six years ago Claude decided to come to the United States to find the opportunities awaiting him. As soon as he reached New York he decided that the East Coast was too cold for him so he paid $450 for a ticket to San Diego where it's warmer.

After a year Claude moved to Orange County where he went to work for Jack's Bakery in San Juan Capastrano for six years. Then he worked for the City of San Juan Capastrano for a year, as Claude puts it, "Making cookies for the kids.

Then I decided to open my own business like a family business. Not too big, just to have a good life."

When looking for a location Claude selected Balboa. " I like Balboa because it's a community, you have to be part of something. It's a village scene, that's what I like."

Claude's lovely wife, Patricia, is from Michoacan Mexico. Claude says, "[We met at] a school for English. because when I came here I spoke no English." They have been married for five years. Patricia has a background in accounting and will be handling the businesses books as well as working in the bakery.

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Le Guen's Bakery is located at 705 E. Balboa Bloulevard, and the phone is 675-4714