Main Street Balboa

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Main Street starts at the Balboa Pavilion on Balboa Bay,
and ends at the foot of Balboa Pier on the Pacific Ocean.

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Looking North from the foot of Balboa Pier, Main Street ends with
the landmark Balboa Inn on the left and the Studio Cafe on the right

It was just after the turn-of-the-century when then Superintendent of Schools, J.P. Greeley laid out of the streets of the new coastal community development.

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With the Pavilion style building being the keystone of the most popular beach recreational areas, it was decided one would be built for the new development. 

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One of the major investors was E.J. Lewis, the Vice Consul for Peru. It was Lewis who suggested the name of Balboa for the new community

. In 1905 the development became a reality and the Balboa Pavilion was built. Earth was brought in by barge, spread and sprayed with oil to form the original streets.

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On July 4th 1905, the first official Red Cars were steam locomotives pulling eighty passenger cars full of prospective land buyers, from the Pasadena area to Balboa in just over an hour.

They were greeted by a brass band and tract agents. A huge Bar-B-Q was thrown at the newly built Balboa Hotel.


This two story single wall construction hotel was built in only ten days, and was completed only three days before the Red Car's arrival.

The Balboa Hotel was the second structure to be built on Main Street.

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The U.S. Post Office on Main Street is the location of the original Balboa Hotel

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Today Main Street Balboa- as when it was first built almost a hundred years ago- still offers a pleasant stroll in a quaint little village.