Balboa Memories
By Art Aratin

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One summer in the late fifties or early sixties, there was a caricaturist who worked in the evenings beside the ferry dock. 

His work was projected onto a large screen behind him so there was always a crowd.  He specialized in people in bathing suits. 

Every so often, when the subject was a nubile young
woman, he would draw them in a polka-dot bikini.  He invariably started with
two polka dots on top, giving a topless look, then did the bottom, and them finishing the top to have the subject fully clothed.  On one, however, he neglected to finish the top, leaving the young woman bare-breasted in the character.

caric (1).gif (23368 bytes)
This is the one drawn of me!



This one is from the photographer stand that used to be in the fun zone near the Ferris wheel (before it was moved). 

The backdrop was always the same.  This particular photo is from somewhere between 1955 and 1957.  That's me on the left, my cousin Robert in the middle, and my cousin Karl on the right.

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This is my nephew Mitch, with a view of the bay in 1969.  He now has a son
about the age he was in this photograph.

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