A Dog Named Snoopy

Snoopy and his human companion, Charlie Brown,
are long time fixtures at Balboa's Fun Zone Marina

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It was in the mid 1980s when Snoopy, a small standard Dachshund, first arrived in Balboa. Charlie Brown, Snoopy's human companion, was working for Marina Sailing in the Fun Zone Marina when he first heard Snoopy barking from inside one of the unoccupied boats. After five days the barking stopped, so Charlie decided to investigate. He broke a lock to gain entrance to the boat and found Snoopy half dead from starvation. His owner had forgotten about him. Charlie took Snoopy to a veterinarian and nursed him back to health. Later Snoopy's old owner gave him to Charlie Brown. Dachshund is a German word which means badger dog because they were used to hunt badgers, a rodent. Throughout Europe after the second-world-war, Dachshunds were stoned in the streets because of their German heritage. Today Snoopy lives with Charlie and spends his days lounging in Marina Sailing's office along with Wing the cat who is Snoopy's lounging trainer. Snoopy is a good student in the school of lounging, but is still trying to learn Wing's ability to sleep without moving on top of the phone while it's ringing. Snoopy is a noted athlete, having been written about in the newspaper for his performance in the annual Dachshund race in Old Town Huntington Beach. In a field of 48, Snoopy placed first in one out of two heats. Snoopy is always given celebrity status wherever he goes. Like the time Charlie took Snoopy on a commercial airline flight. Charlie had to sit in coach eating peanuts while Snoopy sat in the Captain's lap eating a cheeseburger. Charlie Brown sums up Snoopy's lifestyle by saying, "If I ever die, I want to come back as my dog."