The Bucket Fish

It was in the mid 1970s when Lee Otis, Ron White, Max Dillman, and a few others went fishing off of San Diego aboard Ron White's boat, "Bimbo." Four rods were positioned with their lines in the water while the boat was trolling. Each man was assigned his rod. Lee, who on occasion has been known to have a beer now and then, was becoming a rod hog by being over-zealous at grabbing every pole that had a strike.
To teach Lee a lesson, without his knowledge a galvanized steel bucket was tied to a line and thrown into the water.

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Lee Otis

When the rod went off, Lee was there in an instant to take the hit.While Lee was fighting to pull in the catch, he kept saying, "I've got a big one." As Lee would get the bucket closer to the boat, secretly the boat's power was slowly increased to slow down Lee's line.

As the catch got closer to the boat, Lee was heard yelling, "I see color, It's shining." It took Lee almost an hour to pull in that catch, and as he says, "My arms were killing me."
The next day the bucket with a raccoon tail hanging off of it was hanging over the cash register at Dillman's Restaurant with the sign,"Lee Otis' Bucket Fish."
After the Bucket Fish incident, Lee took his turn at the rod.