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In the early 1950s Karam's, later Dillman's and now The Shore House located at the corner of Main Street and Balboa Boulevard was the most elite restaurant in Balboa.

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Karam's In The 1950's


The parking valets wore tuxedos to park the cars of upper crust patrons. In 1953 Karam's threw a fund raiser benefit for George Hoag to help open Hoag hospital. Over 125 people attended, each paying $100.00 [$1,200.00 in today's dollars] a plate for the affair.

Half of the city council and the police chief attended, at no cost to them of course. Provisions, food, and drink, were donated for the fund raiser.

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Dillman's In 1999

After two-a.m., the bar remained open until 4:30 a.m. for a "private party" which generated another $5,000.00 in contributions for the hospital.