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The Garage Sale Queen
Almost Every Sunday Afternoon You'll Find Marion Perrault Running Her Garage Sale At The Southeast Corner Of East Bay Avenue And Adams Street.

For Nearly 20 Years This Golden Girl Has Made Her Contribution To Charity Through Her Garage Sale Activities

The Garage Where Marion Perrault
Holds Her Weekly Garage Sales

Almost every Sunday afternoon on the southeast corner of Bay Avenue and Adams Street, in the garage at the alley, you will find the Garage Sale Queen, Marion Perrault. Marion, who owns the house that she operates out of but lives in South Pasadena, has been coming down to Balboa almost every weekend for the last 45 years. In the late 1980s, Marion started holding garage sales to help out the local charities. Almost every weekend this 80 plus senior opens her garage to the public with a vast assortment of wears from A to Z.

Marion's Garage Is Always Filled With
Everything From A to Z.

Marion says she first started doing the garage sales because, "My daughter didn't know what to do with all her things." Soon her grandchildren and her neighbors were donating items for Marion's garage sales. "Every week I go through these things and give things to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the Veterans," Marion explains. All monies received from the Sunday sales are donated to charities such as, the Red Cross, City of Hope, and the Salvation Army. When asked why she does it, Marion says, [it's] "The gift of love. I'd rather be down here, I enjoy my neighbors and new friends, than sitting up there alone. [referring to her upstairs apartment in the same building] I love asking people where they come from." Marion's visitors/customers represent a vast array of people. She remembers a young man needing a pair of shoes so he could get into one of the local bars. Of course charity begins at home, and this applies to Marion too. When two boys came by one time, cold and shivering because someone had stolen their clothes, Marion gave them clothes and a blanket free. She says that anyone who is in need will never be turned away. In addition to the garage sales, Marion collects things for special needs. Each fall, Marion donates all the bowling balls, trophies, and sports equipment she can get her hands on to the Special Olympics in Santa Ana.

Blast From
The Past

Balboa Pier 1938
Leaning against the rail is Harry Campbell, an early Balboa street sweeper. He used a broom, a shovel, and a two-wheeled cart.

Walk Zone?

Sunday, August 27, 2000

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Jim, my mom, Estelle Freeland, will be moving to Denver in the first part of September.  This is to be with her family after her retirement.  Thought you might be interested in printing a little blurb.   Susana Wilson

Dear Mr. Jim Fournier
Hello, My name is Nami Tokunaga,  I am a fan of Alfi's Cafe and Japanese. I found the title of "Goodbye-Alfi's Cafe" in your wave page last weekend. But I couldn't understand what dose it mean. Was that title meaning closed the cafe? I want to know whether Alfi's cafe will be closed. I used to go there and I love there staff.

And I am exchanging  Letters with Mr. Jamil Alfi for two years. So I can ask to him directly. but I think that if I sent a E-mail to you, I 'll be able to know truth faster than sent a letters to U.S.A from Japan.Would you give me an answer?
I am not good at English. Please excuse my error.
Thank you and best regards,
Nami Tokunaga.

Hi Jim.   I wandered onto your site via a link from the City of Newport's homepage.  I love the videocams!
I realize you may not be the best person to ask for the information I am looking for but I thought I'd start with you!   After spending almost all my free time down in Newport and Balboa, I've decided I should look into moving there.  I am looking for a small studio to rent year-round.   Doyou know the best source of information to find such rentals?? I appreciate any info you could pass along...
Thank you
Krista Hollinger

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