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Back From Prison
After 40 Years, Tim Morgon Is Back

In The Mid 1960s,
Singer Tim Morgon's Albums Outsold The Beatles.

In the late 1950's through the 1960's one of the most popular places in Balboa was the Prison of Socrates, a coffee house located on Main Street, now a pizza store. The "Prison" as it was referred to featured live entertainment, and the kids would come from miles around to hear their favorite entertainers. Popular names to appear at the "Prison" were Steve Martin, Pat Paulsen, Jose Feliciano, Randy Boone, Denny Brooks, The Mad Mountain Ramblers, Hoyt Axton, Joe and Eddie and Steve Gillette to name a few.

The kids would would stand in line to get a chance to hear Tim Morgon sing.

It was here where Tim Morgon got his start in 1959 with the help of a pair going by the name of, "The Steeltown Two." Two years later Tim was singing 6 nights a week to capacity crowds. In the Summer of  1964, Tim's second album, "They Call the Wind Maria" was released. It hit the charts at Wallach's Music City with a bang. Wallach's was Southern California's largest chain and its weekly sales charts were the pulse of the music scene. Tim's album shot to the top and on August 8, 1964 it was number one, ahead of three Beatles albums. After this, Tim's albums were in the top ten week after week, keeping company with Peter Paul  & Mary, Barbara Striesand, Johnny Mathis and The Beach Boys.

By 1966 Tim had released four albums

Over a career of 22 years, Tim had preformed at such places as, Anaheim's Melodyland, The Pasadena Civic Auditorium and of course Disneyland.

Today, Tim lives with his family in Mission Viejo and operates a small maintenance business with two employees. Above (left to right) daughter, Shawn, son Ben, wife Sue, Tim, and daughter Shannon

Tim's mother, Venoa Morgon still lives in the Balboa house where he was raised. Just a short walk from the Prison.

Recently, by popular demand, Tim has put his old albums on CD and has started offering them for sale on his own web site. You can also hear Tim singing some of his songs.

Now you can close your eyes, go back to Prison and hear Tim sing.

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I spent many years of my childhood on Balboa Island.  I am now in my fifties and writing a novel that takes place during WWII.  I am looking for people who lived on the island during that time who could help me with research.  I live in Northern California now so I do most of my research on the internet. That is how I found your site.  If you can help me, please let me know. 
Great website, by the way.
Marianne Keesee

Read your web page, thought it was great, I was born and raised in San Bernardino, Ca., now I am living in Coeur D' Alene, ID.
Linda Harris

As a long time local, I really enjoy you web site.  I may have missed it, but no history of Balboa would be complete without something about Heidi Helwig.

I saw the link to your web site in the Register and wanted to let you know
how much I enjoyed it. I have published a link to your site on the web page that I maintain for the Rotary Club of Newport-Balboa
Home Page is www.newportbalboa.org   Take a look and a link to our web site from your site would be appreciated. Additionally, if you would like to attend one of our meetings, I would welcome you to join us for a Wednesday evening of fun.

Steve Vickers
Club Internet Communications Officer
Rotary Club of Newport Balboa


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