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The Old Grey Goose
A Piece Of Balboa History 

Once a Hollywood hangout, these lovely
old apartments still
grace Balboa Bay, but not for much longer.

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This sign is located above a walkway between the old apartments  

A Balboa landmark, these apartments are located at the corner of Adams and Edgewater on the bay front next to Newport Landing Restaurant

 In the thirties and forties, The Grey Goose was owned by Bö Roos, who also owned the Beverly Management Company in Hollywood.

Bö was a business manager for many of Hollywood's biggest names. One of the reasons that Balboa was such a strong attraction to the Hollywood set in those days, was the knowledge that there was always room for them at the Grey Goose. Regulars included Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Robert Mitchem, Andy Devine, and Robert Taylor to name a few.

Little has changed from the old Grey Goose Apartments shown in this 1955 postcard.

The story goes the Grey Goose was the place where the stars would bring their girlfriends for the night.

When rubber swim fins first became available, you could see Johnny Wismuller come out of the Grey Goose, and run down to the beach , dive into the bay and swim at unbelievable speeds.

But soon the Grey Goose, as with so many of the old Balboa landmarks, will  be gone. It's now in an escrow that is due to close this month. The plan is to demolish the Grey Goose and build four town houses on the location.

A New Balboa

Want to know what the new Balboa is going to look like? The illustration below  is not the final word, but it will give you a good idea of what's to come.   Click on it to enlarge.

Words Of  Wisdom

A Fool And His Money
Is My Kind Of Date.


Time Capsule
Art's Landing
Then & Now

Circa 1980

Art's Landing was located at the corner
of Edgewater and Adams St. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Gary's Coffee
Shop was located in Art's Landing.
It was noted for great breakfasts and
on weekends breakfast was served  outside on benches to handle the
large numbers of customers.

Art's Landing looking west.

Today the location of Art's Landing is occupied by Newport Landing

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