Happy Birthday Newport Beach

In 2006 the City of Newport Beach will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary.

We are in the planning stages for our celebration and we are looking for

Community input on how you would like to mark this milestone in our

City’s history. Please take a moment to provide us with your thoughts:

What special events and/or activities should be planned as community-wide celebrations?

o Formal Gala

o Casual Beach Party

o Parade and Fireworks display

o Lifestyle Festival (i.e. Wine Festival, Chocolate Festival, Ice Cream Festival)

o Casual Dance Party at Balboa Pavilion

o Golf Tournament

o Art Show

o Art Competition

o Children’s Festival

o Commemorative Items (i.e coffee cups, T-shirts, pins, flag, etc.)

o Boat Races

o Boat Shows

o Bathing Beauty Contest

o Movie Marathon (all movies shot in local area)

o Family Picnic

o Time Capsule/Monument to Commemorate the Anniversary

o Commemorative Book

Other: _____________________________________________________________

What landmarks in Newport Beach do you feel should be promoted or celebrated as part of the festivities? _________________________________________________

What City benefits and/or accomplishments would you like to see achieved during our Centennial Celebration? ____________________________________________

If you are interested in hearing about volunteer opportunities related to the Centennial Celebration please fill in the information below to be contacted.

Name_______________________________ Phone # ________________________

Would you be interested in hearing more about sponsorship opportunities related to the Centennial Celebration?

Name_______________________________ Phone # ________________________


Please mail or fax your suggestions to:

Recreation & Senior Services Department

3300 Newport Boulevard

Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 644-3151 Phone

(949) 644-3155 Fax