Fun Zone's Laughing Lady 

The history of the Fun Zone's Laughing Lady goes back to the 1920s.  Originally manufactured by the Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster Company the Laughing Lady was used as an attraction above the entrances of the Fun Houses.  The Long Beach Pike used her at the entrance to their Laugh In The Dark Ride. When the Fun Zone wanted a Laughing Lady to stand above the entrance to their Scary Dark Ride, they contacted Funni-Frite Inc of Pickerington Oh, who still had the original molds from the Pike's Laughing Lady's head and hands. The laugh track was originally on a stack of old 78 RPM records. They would stack a few records on an automatic changer turntable, and would re-stack the records as needed. Today the Fun Zone has taken the original laugh track and recorded it on an auto reverse cassette player.

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