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To all Members;
Our speaker for the October 4th meeting will be Mike Lawler and he will be speaking about he and Barbara's next adventure.  In two weeks they are leaving on their North Wind 47 "Traveler" on an eight month voyage.  You will learn why they are going, how many things need to be done and the places they are going to visit.  Mike and Barbara are always interesting speakers and it will be fun.
The meeting will be at Balboa Yacht Club, noon, parking on the street, handicapped parking is available in the lot by the front door. Lunch is $25.00 for a Buffet.

If you are coming to the October 6th meeting  at Balboa Yacht Club please send me an e-mail by Saturday September 30th so I can give an accurate number to the kitchen for meals.  In addition, for all meetings at Balboa Yacht Club, Yachtsman's Luncheon will be required to have at least 25 members present but because it's BYC the maximum is 50.    It's also important if you reserve and later find out you can't be at the meeting you need to notify me by Sat. Sept. 30th so I can make room for someone else.
If you are coming to the meeting on the LIYC Launch we will leave the Lido Club House Dock at 11:15 A.M.