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Meeting update,
Our first meeting in six months is scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 14 noon at Balboa Yacht Club.  Our speaker is Douglas Westfall, Teacher, author and publisher.  He will be speaking about "Martin Field Aviation" the first airfield in Orange County.
The format for lunch has changed some from my e-mail on Sept.22nd.  The meeting will be in the main dinning room, a fixed main course with salad and desert served on plates at the table.  I don't know what the meal is but have been assured that up to BYC standards. If you have a special dietary needs let me know in advance and I'll try to arrange it for you.
There will be parking for us at the North parking lot.  The entrance is the first drive way before the club or on the street.
I need to give BYC an accurate count on Sat. so that the hot meals can be made up for us and we can eat at noon.
Send me an e-mail at if you are coming to the Oct. 14 meeting or have any questions.

To all members attending 10/14/2020 meeting;

Just a reminder, we are guests at BYC and all attendees must wear masks while inside BYC unless they are eating or drinking.

To those attendees coming by the LIYC launch from the Lido Club house. The launch will leave there at 11:15 AM and and Dave Shockley's' at
11:00 AM.