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To:  All Yachtsman’s Luncheon Members
From:  Dave Shockley
RE:  Yachtsman’s Lunch Schedule Update

I have been approached by members asking when meetings will start up again.  As it stands today, Newport Harbor Yacht Club is closed to nonmembers until at least Jan. 1, 2021.  Other members asked if we could move to another club and maybe not meet every week.
Last week, Gordon Glass and I had a meeting with the Manager of Balboa Yacht Club, Russell Miller, to discuss a plan for a monthly meeting at BYC.
At BYC, the meeting would be outside on the deck off the Model Room.  There would be six tables of 6 or 8 members each, separated by 6ft. between tables.  Food would be served individuality, at the table, from choice of three items for $20.00.  Facemasks would be required when not eating or drinking.
The program would remain the same with reports and a speaker.
We could try to have a meeting at BYC on the first Wednesday of each month if enough members feel comfortable with the plan.  We will go back to normal when the pandemic is over.
If you would feel safe and would come to a monthly meeting please reply as we need 25 or 30 people on a regular basis to make this plan work.
Send me an e-mail at if you would come to a monthly meeting.