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All Members: Reserve for the January 18th meeting. This will be our first  meeting at NHYC for this year.
First, I have a couple of topics for our group.  The first is attendance.  Several factors have caused the number of people regularly attending meetings to to fall below critical mass, the number that works for BYC and NHYC and makes it attractive for speakers.  At this weeks meeting, the weather was poor but we only had 15 in attendance.  Before Covet a normal meeting would be between 30 and 40.  Our number needs to be above 25 for the Yacht Clubs to cover the food and labor costs.  I need your help to improve attendance. First, if you haven't been coming please come, we miss you.   Second, bring a friend or neighbor.  Third, if you know of some one who was a regular but isn't coming now, call or bring him back. 
The second is speakers.  I'm always looking for interesting speakers.  The best leads come from members.  So if you see a speaker with a topic that you think would be interesting for our group get an e-mail or phone number and get it to me or Keith and we will follow up and see if we get them to speak for us.  Also, like Mike and Barbara Lawler, Len Davis or Bob Yates, if you have taken an interesting trip or have a friend who has let me know.
Our group  has been meeting for some 80 years, with your help we can keep it going another 80 years.
The Jan, 18th meeting will be at Newport Harbor Yacht Club.  Mike Lawler will be speaking on Cruising Antarctica.  Mike is always interesting and I sure you will enjoy he and Barbara's trip.
If you would like to come send me an e-mail at by Sunday Jan.15th so I can give an accurate number to the kitchen for meals.
The meeting will be at Newport Harbor Yacht Club, at noon, with parking in the lot.   Handicapped parking is available. Lunch is $22.00 for a Buffet.

There will be a drawing for very nice nautical coffee table books from the Walt Henry library.
If you are coming to the meeting on the LIYC Launch we will leave the Lido Club House Dock at 11:35 A.M.
See you there,