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An Eye For Balboa
Artist And Photographer Donavan Martin Reveals His Eye View Of Balboa 

"I Want People To See The World Through My Eyes."
Donavan Martin

When Donavan Martin first dove into his exposure to art, it was at the age of 12 when he started taking private oil painting lessons. He took these lessons for three years.

Now at age 50, Martin remembers in High School he was kicked out of art classes because of  his unconventional thinking. He did however take five years of drafting which helped him develop his wonderful eye for capturing images. While he was in the Navy, Martin taught oil painting and has been painting for 30 years.

Martin says, "I like to capture time. I like to shoot the spirit of the event. I want people to feel what I feel, see the world through my eyes." His images clearly reflect this philosophy

When asked about his love of Balboa, Martin explains, "When I was a kid I use to come out here. It made me feel good. It has a European flavor. The people  are really friendly here."

Balboa Snap
There's no such thing
as to much security.

Words Of  Wisdom

WARNING: The consumption of
alcohol may cause you to roll over
in the morning and see something
really scary.

Time Capsule
Point Of View
Circa 1978

The Ferris Wheel In The Old Fun Zone

The Old Bayview Hotel As Viewed
From The Ferris Wheel

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Hi Jim,
I grew up on the Peninsula, the Point.  It couldn't have been a better childhood!   It was the best...and I hate changes to the old town.  I guess that "progress" is inevitable but to wipe out old landmarks seems to be the California way.  The past is not valued here as it is elsewhere... Sad...I still love taking the ferry back and forth just to take in the scents of my childhood breezing up the Bay. 

Thanks for your site.
Chris (Spencer) Hooker

I am the webmaster for the Newport

Beach Lifeguard Web Page
[www.newportlifeguard.org ]  First of all,
let me tell you I am really impressed with your site, especially your weather station.
My question is that I have been looking for a link or information on current
weather conditions for this area.  I have had weather.com and intellicast.com on our site, but as you know, they are taken at John Wayne Airport and they also seem to take a while to download.  Your current weather box on your front page is great and your detailed weather page is excellent.  Is there any way I could tap into this links?  I would give you all the credit and have links to your page from these boxes or page.  You are currently on our links page, but I would really appreciate any advanced weather information you may have or you could share with me.
Thank you,

Rob Williams