The Balboa Bachelors
A Balboa Yuletide Music Tradition

The Balboa Bachelors have been bringing the musical sprit of Christmas to Balboa and Balboa Island for nearly two decades .

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With President Reagan.

It was Christmas 1984 when Randy Wallen, Jeff Gould and Eric Vandeveld first started the Balboa Bachelors to play Christmas music for the annual Balboa Christmas Boat Parade of lights. To this day no one can remember who came up with the name. Since then this tight knit group of musicians shows up year after year to perform during the Christmas holiday season.

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Performing At Newport Landing

Over the years members of the group have come and gone. Some have gotten married and some have left the country.  But every year they all try to get together with some coming from as far as San Francisco, San Diego, Wisconsin and even Tokyo Japan. Where and who they have played for is a remarkable list including the TV. shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. They even preformed for President Reagan in 1992.

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The Wheel Of Fortune

Having lost one of their players, Jeff Crist and a good friend, Cathy Alden to cancer, the group established a relationship with the Hoag Hospital Cancer Center and perform there every year.

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With Santa

If you don't get to see the Balboa Bachelors perform this year, you can still hear them by going to their web site. Click  To Hear The Balboa Bachelors

A Personal
Thank You

To our Newport Beach Paramedics and the staff of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, for all of their wonderful care and consideration when I needed them last month.
Jim Fournier

Words Of Wisdom

"You'll be entering a cryogenic chamber where you will be frozen until such time as you can be revived and brought back into society to serve a useful purpose." Things they tell turkeys.
Mr. Boffo

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Time Capsule

Early Aerial Views Of The Balboa Peninsula

Harbor Entrance 1923

Harbor Entrance, July 4, 1930

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By all means, tear down the Grey Goose and the market! And while they're at it, why not the Pavilion? It's so old! And those inconvenient old ferries, they should mothball them and build a bridge!
Just sign me,
An old friend of the Goose.

Dear Jim, Hello! I just found your website last week  and I think it's great!  I'm sorry that the first thing that I saw was the story about the Grey Goose.  My family and I stayed there a week almost every summer in the late 50's and the 60's. Later we stayed at the Twin Palms.  When I was very small we stayed at the Cypress Villas. I don't remember them though. When I looked at the old postcards I could even smell the chocolate bananas and the Sea&Ski at the Fun Zone! Thank you for including the police calls too. I live about 40 miles from there and sometimes I can pick up the NBPD on my scanner. It's interesting. Also thank you for the sounds of the ferry and the boats !
I'll be coming back to this page regularly to keep up to date. It's "the next best thing to being there!"             
Thanks again!                                                  Debbie, the old friend of the Goose.

Dear Jim,
I have for at least 25 years tried to find a picture of the mexican resturant it had a hotel on top of it and Bob taylors old fashion Bananas  and lemonade next to it was in Balboa across from the ferry and Valley boat rentals and  the Fun  Zone.
The name was either Nanas Mexican Food or Nanas Tacos.
I hope You could help me Jim, at least guide me as to where I could possibly find a picture of the front entrance with the sign, I know Mary Salazar rented it until she retired her last summer there was in 1975 and she rented that place from the owner of valley boat rentals, for at least that I know of 25 years.
 I hope you can help me,
Thank You,

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For Tales Of Balboa
Here's another postcard for your collection. It's the beach across from the Grey Goose. Notice the empty hills in the background!
One of your faithful readers

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Lights Out

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Saturday, October 27, 2001, 7:17am
Photo By
Tom O'Loughlin