Christmas In Balboa
 A Place Of Holiday Cheer For Everyone. 

The Week Before Christmas Offers A Time Of Excitement And Cheer For Balboa Visitors

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Main Street Balboa.

As long as anyone can remember, Balboa has been a Christmas tradition for lights and excitement. Main Street and the bay front become a wonderland of folks enjoying the Christmas Boat Parade of Lights and Balboa's hospitality. All through the streets you can see kids of all ages looking wide eyed at all that Balboa has to offer. Whether it's  a dinner at one of Balboa's  fine restaurants overlooking the bay or walking along the Fun Zone's boardwalk and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a snack  form one of  the many Balboa merchants, it proves to be an experience that you'll never forget. Be sure to bundle up to enjoy the true spirit of the crisp Holliday nights.

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The Christmas Boat Parade Of Lights.

From December 17th through the 23rd, the Christmas Boat Parade of Lights draws thousands upon thousands to Balboa's Fun Zone boardwalk to watch the hundred plus boats taking part in this long time annual affaire.

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A Hundred Plus Boats Participate.

Besides watching the Boat Parade you can ride in the parade on Balboa's many cruse boats or charter a boat for your private party. Boat rentals are also available . To find out more about what's available, click on these links. It's best to make your reservations early to make sure you get what you want, when you want it.

Balboa Boat Rentals
Catalina Passenger Service
Davey's Locker
Fun Zone Boat Co.
Marina Water Sports
Newport Landing Sport Fishing
Newport Whale Watching

Merry Christmas

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Judy Smith, A Balboa Christmas Card.

Words Of Wisdom

"Don't mess with the presents or you'll get a rap in the mouth."
Soupy Sales

Time Capsule

Christmas In Balboa
Main Street Circa 1978

Jim & Mike's Ice Cream Parlor.

Hidi's Coffee Shop.

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Alan, formerly of Play land Arcade here. I have a question for you.
Does anyone remember Harry Foster? As far as I know he was in Balboa for a long time. He is easily identifiable. He was a shoemaker, had a tiny shop in the alley near the old fire station. He gave sailing lessons for McNally's and later, Bal-Boat Rentals. He also had only one leg and got around on a single crutch.
I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has any interesting stories about him. He taught me to sail, and I guess he kind of took me under his wing. While I was serving in the Navy in the late 1960's Harry died and I never heard another word about him.
Maybe Judge Gardener has some memories of Harry he can share. I have the impression he was kind of curmudgeonly, although at that age I really didn't recognize it, and he was always great with me. I remember he always felt to be in competition with Maize Vallely who also gave sailing lessons. Harry would put his pennant on the shroud of any boat on which he was sailing. Seems to me it was a copy of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club pennant, but instead of an "N" in the center circle it had an equivalent "F".
Just tying up loose ends and hoping others remember this character who contributed to the atmosphere around Balboa.

what a great idea!! Love your site, very well done!! Only learned about it yesterday, picked up one of your business cards at the Harbour House Coffee cafe. My favourite watering hole for the past seventeen years. Albeit, under various names and management over the years.
The website will eventually be visited by people all over the world,  certainly all the tourists that have fallen in love the area. I know it's one of my favourite destinations in all the world.
Best of Luck with it!! I know I'll be referring to it on a daily basis,  particularly to check out the weather (fog, marine layer, drizzle, etc.),  before I trek down to the beach from Placentia.
Later, already a fan for life of this site!
Klaus-Juergen Knappe

Just moved here and would like to know when the Christmas parade of boats event is. What are the restaurants with the view of the parade? thanks
Dolly K. Pierce

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