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The Balboa Pavilion
This 1905 Monument to a Bygone Era
Remains As a Symbol of Balboa's Future

When Then County Superintendent of Schools, J. P. Greeley formed the Newport Bay Investment Company and built the Balboa Pavilion, he could never have dreamed of what today's Balboa would be like.
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The Pavilion's lights give a warm welcome to Balboa Bay travelers.

Around the turn of the century Pavilions were becoming common as the keystone of coastal amusement areas.
The Newport Bay Investment Company pledged $10,000.00 to build a Pavilion to enhance the new development of Balboa.

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The Balboa Pavilion under construction.

 A permit to build the Pavilion was secured from the Secretary of War, and 210 feet of water frontage was deeded to the Newport Bay Investment Company. The Balboa Pavilion, was completed in 1905 by the Newport Bay Investment Company, with George Preble as contractor, Fred Dorn architect, and the Chris MacNeil building gang.

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In the 1940s the Pavilion was Miller's.

By the late 1940's the Pavilion begin to sink on its old wooden pilings and they were replaced with permanent concrete ones.

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In 1949 the Pavilion had stairs in front.

Originally the Pavilion was used as a bath house. By the early 1940's speed boat rides from the Pavilion up the bay and in the ocean were all the rage. By 1949 the upstairs was a 10 lane bowling alley and arcade with five pool tables. Bingo games were very successful through the early 1950's until they were outlawed.

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At Christmas time the Balboa Pavilion shows off its brilliant Holiday lights.

Today Balboa Pavilion offers the famous Tale Of The Whale Restaurant with banquet facilities in the upstairs hall and the Spouter Saloon.

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The  Spouter Saloon reflects the Pavilion's early days with its rustic interior and antique ceiling lights.

Words Of Wisdom

"Never miss a good chance to shut up."  Will Rogers

Balboa Beacon  Website
This is a really great Balboa website, check it out. You'll come back
again and again.

Time Capsule
The HFS Michigan
The Flagship of the Balboa Island Sculling and Punting Society.

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The HFS (Hardly Floats Sometimes) Michigan in a 1960s July 4th Character Boat Parade. Costumes were supplied by Paramount Pictures, thanks to a club member being a big wig there. The costumes were usually ruined in the club's escapades. Thanks to Bob Murphy for this photo.

The Ahdoeno Trees

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The new trees are now being  placed along Balboa Boulevard. When asked what kind of trees they were, a workman replied, "ahdoeno." According to Construction Superintendent, Tom Taylor, the new trees are of a  Eucalyptus variety. Tom noted there are 19 species of Eucalyptus trees in California. These trees are Eucalyptus  Torquata .

The New
Balboa Pier

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Balboa Pier today.

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Balboa Pier last year.

Tom Taylor also stated that the Balboa Pier reconstruction is almost finished and the pier is now open to the public. It will be a few more weeks until the new walkway at the foot of the pier is completed.

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I was surprised that you didn't have the following link on your web site.  Considering all the construction going on in the village I would think that some of your regular viewers might be interested in it.

Craig Ramella

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