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April 2003 / Vol 5 No 4


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East Newport

One Of Balboa's Earliest Neighbors


Just as Balboa was
finding itself,  next door neighbor East Newport
was being born.

East Newport was a development of the East Newport Town Company, and was promoted as having fronts on both the bay and ocean. It boasted oiled streets, cement curbs and sidewalks as well as gas, electricity, water and  telephone service. Hotels, stores and restaurants were also part of the township's offerings.
East Newport, encompassing only a couple of  blocks, was located at the corner of Island Avenue and Balboa Boulevard, and was the first stop on the old Red Car after leaving Balboa. 

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The Pacific Electric Red Car.

Some of the original commercial buildings still stand, although the cafe featured in the photo above is now a Laundromat and the gas station is a coffee shop. The late Wayne Moses, better known as Mr. Balboa, remembered the old building that stood on the location of his barber shop before it was built by his father, was an old flop-house hotel, occupied mostly by ladies of the night. At the end of Island Avenue on the bay side is Bay Island, now exclusive homes. But back when East Newport was being developed, Bay Island was home to the Bay Island Club and the South Coast Yacht Club. The South Coast Yacht Club was noted for being a social and recreational fixture with its spacious ballroom and hardwood floors. Today, if you walk along the streets of the old East Newport Township, you can still see some of the beautiful old homes that were originally built during its early days.

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Just One Of The Beautiful Old
Homes in East Newport.

New Benches

BMOA President gets benches for our bay front.

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Gay Wassall Kelly and husband
 Bill enjoying the view from one of
 the new benches.

Thanks to the efforts of BMOA president Gay Wassall Kelly and her husband Bill, we now have five badly needed benches on our bay front near the ferry landing. It took six weeks for the Kellys to get the city's permission to move these benches from their old Main Street location to the bay front. Bill spent three weeks refinishing the benches in their garage.

Balboa Library

National Library Week
April 6 - 12

As a special treat, the Balboa Library will have 2 special guest storytime readers this week.  Tuesday, April 8, 10:30 a.m., Brian Slater of the NB Fire Dept., will join in the reading of stories and play the bagpipes.  Jeff Brouwer, NB Police Dept., will be the guest reader for the Saturday, April 12 storytime at 10:30, he will also be showing  the kids  his police motorcycle.
Please join us for these very special activities.  The Balboa Library is located at 100 E. Balboa Blvd.

It's Gone

Unsightly old crane is removed from bay front

Click To see A Slide Show Of The Crane's Removal
Click image to see a slide show
of the crane's removal.

Of The Month

From London's Times

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Words Of Wisdom

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The Don Dawson Story

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Don Dawson is a long time Balboa fixture. He was the skipper for the maiden voyage of all three of the Catalina passenger boats and a world adventurer, including  Shark Wrestling.
Don devoted many years searching for his brother's remains in Viet Nam which was chronicled in Life magazine, and now a movie is being made about his quest.

Time Capsule

From Dick Vogel's
personal photo album.
Circa 1939

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This is a picture of my dad, Dr. John F. Vogel Jr. and his first wife, June.  June was the mother of my oldest brother, John F. Vogel III. She was also the daughter of Tommy Boucher (pronounced Booshey) who was the Harbor Master back then. They are standing in front of my dad's bike shop in 1939. The building is still there at 605 E. Balboa Blvd. between Washington and Palm. Most people remember it as the Dry Cleaners.

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 I've also included this photo of my son John taken at the same location a few months ago.

Viewer Email

Hi Jim, Thank you so much for the picture and article on Christians Hut. I used to go there with my parents in the 1950's. We would always rent a place at the Twin Palms Apartments about four doors south of the Pavilion. I remember my dad telling me that Victor McLagen the actor had a place next door. Keep up the great work!
Mike Murphy
Sun Valley Idaho

This is outrages. My Dad grew up in Balboa, he is 76 (I think). Still have the house, right on the board walk. Now my sister and family live there. Kinda cool, the only old thing left on the block. Dad tells me stories all the time about old Balboa. Almost feels like I was there. I really like your web-site. Maybe I can find some old pictures to send to you.
Have a good one

I love to keep in touch via the Tales of Balboa.  I love the paintings of the Balboa pavilion by Susan Newcomb and remember seeing them somewhere as Christmas cards.  A search of the internet hasn't been fruitful.  Do you know where her paintings or posters might be available?
Thanks so much.
Ron Hitzler

Jim, I have received some emails from my letter on your website about Christian's Hut, and they all comment on how great your website is. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but could I link my website,, on yours? Could you send me info and prices? I suppose I should have thought of this before everyone did their Christmas shopping. Hey, let me know what I need to do. Thanks again, Tim

Jim your web site is terrific......what an excellent job. My most sincere congratulations.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! LOVE IT!!! Newport-Mesa resident since 1933

I was so pleased to stumble upon this site. The peninsula was my stomping ground while in high school. My mother and I had moved there from Texas when I was 14, and of course as a teenager I didn't appreciate what I really had. Now that I'm older with children of my own (and back in Texas) I fully understand the privilege I witnessed spending my teen years there. If things go as planned, I will be returning next month for good, to give my children the opportunity to experience and appreciate the unique and refreshing spirit of Balboa.
Good work!
Chelsea Jackson


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