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A friend gave me a printout of your publication and I was excited to read the news and memoirs. I grew up in Corona del Mar (and attended Newport Beach Grammar School and Harbor High) and Tita Vincent Yost was my best friend. Her memoir made me realize how much I miss her and would love to have an e-mail address for her. Can you help? Sincerely, Sheila McCallum

Hi Jim, I read with interest "The Movie Makers". When I was living on Balboa Island in 1970 I remember watching a movie that was filmed in Balboa starring John Garfield. I was enthralled because there were shots all over Balboa. I thought it was called "Newport Story". After researching it I found the movie was "The Breaking Point" and was released in 1950 and starred Garfield as an ex PT boat captain running a charter boat service in Balboa. Deeply in debt, he agrees to smuggle aliens out of the country and then a bunch of gangsters. This was directed by Hal Curtis who also directed "Casablanca". "The Breaking Point" was considered his finest directing job. Hope all is well!! Keep of the great work. Mike Murphy, Sun Valley Idaho

Hi Jim,
Enjoyed reading about Corney Lynch. I was the manager of Ricky's Court from about 1971ish to maybe '73. Remember Corney and his wheelchair-bound wife well. Also remember all the characters (myself included) that called that little court home. Nice site, really enjoyed my visit, I'll check back from time to time. Michael Ryerson

I remember in the mid 1960's my parents bought a little house on the point and we would spend summers there. I was about 6 or 7 years old and my favorite memories were of the fun zone, fishing off Balboa Pier early in the morning, and climbing on the jetty where we would find all sorts of interesting creatures. My parents still have the home and my husband and I leased it from them in the 1980's when we were newly married and starting to have our own family. We moved in the late 80's to South Orange county, but we left our hearts in Balboa. There is no place as warm and quaint. In fact, we now rent a home each summer a few blocks from the Fun Zone so our children can enjoy vacations in the best spot on earth!!!

I lived on Balboa Island for too short a time in the summer of 1969. I often look back, and it is my dream to return to Balboa again. It was the best summer in my life, one that I will always remember. Just looking at the photographs touches me.
Diane Rectenwald

I went to kindergarten at Newport Elementary in 1971-1972- my teacher was Mrs. Elliot , anyone out there go there also, I now live in little rock ,Arkansas

Jim...this note is in response to the lady who wrote to inquire about the ceramic address plates ..under (Viewer Emails). I just happened to be a ceramics artist/painter, and grew up in Balboa. I also do your cartoon of the month art. Please let Jill know that I would be happy to do her ceramic artwork for her home in Carlsbad. Thank you. Will you have her call me? I think you have my phone number
Stephanie Allen Bennett

Your site is great.  I even sent it to my web master to look at you pictures.  I have lived around this area since 40 years.  Lived all around Balboa Island, and love it.  I will stop by to introduce myself and buy your pictures for family and friends.  My unfinished web site is www.CityStreetsOf.com Thank you again, keep up the good work!!!!
Dieter Brunner

I hope you can help me, for years ago I lived in the area and I remember a t-shirt shop near the Fun Zone.
Can you help me with a name and phone #
Thank You.

Thanks for a great site. It reminds me of the great time our family has every time we visit Balboa. Love your webcams. They give me a brief time respite from the office.
Steve Pazan


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 Book Club Luncheon 2 PM
Bibi Anna's


 Tuesday, October 26,  6 PM
“Support Our Troops”
 Black Tie Event

Wednesday, October 27,  7:23 PM
Total Lunar Eclipse

 Thursday, October 28,  7 - 8:30 PM
Local Candidates Forum
To Be Held At Library

Saturday, October 30, 2004
Newport Beach
Salutes Local Artists

Sunday, October 31st 11AM - 6PM
Balboa's Great Pumpkin
Downtown Balboa Village

December 15 - 19
96th Annual
Christmas Boat Parade

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Time Capsule

The Balboa Theaters

The original Balboa Theater was built in 1913 by J. P. Greeley. Mrs. Osgood, more widely known by her stage name Madam La Rue, was a crusty old gal who could turn the air blue with a string of profanity a mile wide. She operated the theater located at the location of what is now the Balboa Inn on Main Street at Oceanfront. When the new Ritz Theater opened in 1928 on Central Avenue, now Balboa Boulevard, the old theater closed. Shortly after that the old theater building was destroyed by fire. The Ritz was renamed the Balboa Theater in 1939 when a new Ritz Theater was built in Lido.  In 1927 the original Rendezvous Ballroom was destroyed by fire. The Balboa Amusement Company, owners of the Rendezvous, built the new $50,000.00 state of the art Ritz Theater on the site of the old Rendezvous. The new Rendezvous was built on the site of the present Rendezvous Condominiums at Washington and Oceanfront that same year. Through the 1960s, the Balboa Theater was considered a first rate theater. Even in the late 60s it was referred to as a "date theater", because it was so nice. Over the years, falling attendance caused changes of operators. In the early 1970s, it was a Pussycat Theater featuring adult films such as Deep Throat and The Devil & Miss Jones. By the mid 70s the theater became a revival theater, featuring classic and cult films such as Reefer Madness, Casablanca, Citizen Cane, and Pink Flamingos. It was during this period that the Rocky Horror Show was shown at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, Drawing an audience noted for dressing in the costume of their favorite Rocky Horror character. The Balboa Theater closed in 1992 and never reopened.

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"A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at.....how many want in.......and how many want out."
Tony Blair


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