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Well well well... I just read the article by Charly Son... Funny thing, he calims to have played with the Centurions... Well, I was one of the founders of The Centurions and never heard of Charly Son.. Dennis Rose, Ernie Furrow, Jeff Lear, Joe Domonic, Ken Robison, Pat Gaugabin (sp?) along with our siger, Dennis Kicklas... So all his info is correct... left out the Cinnomon Cinder circuits and Seal Beach Aviation Club.. Also, The Cindermen played at he Pavalon in Huntington Beach the week after the Rendezvous burned down... Funny thing happened... The Pavalon burned down after their show... How strange...So Charly Son, please contact me
Jeffrey Lear Bass Player Centurions

Howdy Jim... I just dug this up from the net. Yeah, no Charly So.... I wonder who he is. I miss the FunZone... remember old ELMER? I used to play the pin-ball Mystic-Marvel right next to his change spot, where he sat all day... Vickey and her Black Lab... Billy Barber and his FOXY sister, Susie! WOW! She was a bueaty! I hung out in Balboa for years... Played at the Rendezvours... I remember when Dick Dale played at the Riky Dink icecram parlor in '59.. I was a little punk working at the Pavilion for the Balboa.... "Get your tickets now for the bay-ocecan cruz abord the big delux power cruzer, the B A L B O A!... Art & Moe Gronski had such a bitchen collection of WWII memorbilia, and all tho nifty rifels... Wow, I could go on for days.... So many memories... Bal week, and the cops used to go nuts... well they finally drove all the party goers out of town didn't they? But the memories will linger on for years to come! Take care and keep this site alive and well.... Jeffrey Lear, Hollister CA 95023
Jeffrey Lear

Thanks Jim... Charly Son contacted me... looks like he gigged with the group after our demise, back about 1967.... I'll be sharing some info with him later this afternoon. I left Hollywood and the band 1 Jan 1968 after I couldn't handle all the drugs and craziness... I was the only one in the band who went to college (Well, perhaps Pat and Ken did, lost contact with them) and actually worked in Electronics and played in the band... The two worlds got harder and harder to coincide, so I moved to Pasadena to be close to work and left behind all the sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.... Still miss being on stage... I got started in Stand-Up comedy during our intermissions back then... Well, thanks for solving the mystery and I'm sure you'll hear from me in the future.... God bless, keep up the GOOD WORK, Jeffrey Lear

Balboa Island memories? I could write a book about them, but perhaps only I would enjoy reading it?? Here's just a few somewhat superficial, factually written ones though:
My first exposure to it: 1959, on vacation from Phoenix - I was 7. However, I've got photo's of my mother playing with the Beek children in front of their house in 1935.
- Every summer hence was our 2 week vacation in a B.I. rental, till 1974 when my parents finally purchased one of them.
It's amazing to me how ingrained the memories of all those years are.....the Fun Zone, Dad's, Jolly Roger (and frosties), the ferry, drop-lines off the public pier, friends, girlfriends, paddle boards, kayaks, the Coral bayfront (south), Newport Dunes, no Promentory Point (just a Safeway in the sand dune), no Linda Isle, no worries.......etc. I met my wife there when I was 10!!
I've had the pleasure of living in that house during my more transient years in the 70's and 80's. I often think how'd I'd like to live there now!
However, I've lived in Melbourne for the past 11 years, but have had the privilege of spending 2 to 3 weeks of every year on the island with my Dad (now 87). We walk the island, eat at George's, grab a sandwich from Hershey's deli, take the express to Catalina, and for is sheer relaxation - or is that elation?
One of your shared articles talks about the place getting in your blood...... I must say, it's a blessedly incurable infection!! I don't care how crowded the rest of O.C. gets - I will forever cherish my memories, and any time I can possibly spend, on Balboa Island!!
PS: thanks for your website, and all who contribute to the pleasure I get out of visiting it!!
GG Jr.

I came across your site by mistake, as I am a mortgage broker checking out one of my clients, but I had to email you. You photos are superb! You probably get a lot of compliments, but you deserve every one of them. I grew up in the Newport Beach area but am currently living in Minnesota. You photos reminded me of my younger years and all the fun I had down at Balboa. Thank you!
Bonnie Siegel

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2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM
Bibi Anna's


Saturday, April 2, 10AM
City Hall: Repair or Replace
Public Input Workshop

Saturday, April 9, 3PM
 Chuck Jones Exhibit & retrospective talk by Jonesí daughter, Linda.
Newport Beach Central Library
949 644-3211

Saturday, May 7, 9 AM - 5 PM
11th Annual Balboa Island Artwalk

Friday, May 13, 14, 6PM - 6PM
Relay For Life Newport Beach

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In Memory

Sean Donegan

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Passed away 3:30 AM Sunday, 2/27/05, at the age of 36.  Goodbye old friend.
Memorial Services will be held on Tuesday, March 8th, 4 PM aboard the
Western Pride at Davey's Locker

Time Capsule


In 1825 unusually heavy floods caused the Santa Ana River to change its course from Alamitos Bay to its present location, and the San Joaquin Slough was created. Because the Pacific flows from the northwest, sand carried down the river began to form a peninsula in a southeasterly direction. By 1857, the peninsula stretched out to the area of today's Balboa Pavilion. In 1860 the U.S. Coastal Survey schooner "Humboldt" dropped anchor in this area, and the San Joaquin Slough was charted for the first time.
It was during the great flood of 1861 when the peninsula attained its present contour. A small lagoon formed on the bay-side of the peninsula in the area of what is now the M Street beach.


In 1863 the side-paddle steam ship "Vaquero," which could operate in only a few feet of water, came up from San Diego and worked her way up the bay to where Pacific Coast Highway now crosses over it. A cargo of lumber was off loaded, hides and produce were taken aboard. Thus a "New-Port," between the only two ports of Los Angeles and San Diego, was established.
Clear through the 1870s, large steamers were able to make their way up the Santa Ana River all the way to Port Orange. But over the years, farmers working the newly found lush land, and debris from man caused forest and brush fires, caused more then double the natural erosion. As the silt and sand increased the bay became almost un-navigable.

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Jim--your website is great! I visited Newport Beach and Balboa Island for the second time in June 2004 and had the opportunity to meet you then. I bought 3 prints from you: Balboa Pier, Welcome to Balboa and Balboa Ferry Landing. I framed them and have them hanging in my office where I gaze at them daily and remember my visit there. Your prints are phenomenal and really do Balboa justice! I can see from visiting your art gallery on-line that I will need to invest in several more prints in the future. Thank you for maintaing this website and a connection to Balboa for those not fortunate to live there full-time. Thanks again :)
Kim Hammond

Thanks for taking the time to explain your website yesterday, I have spent all morning browsing through the site. Once again your photos are beautiful. I look forward to talking again in the near future.
Dennis Curley

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