September 2005 / Vol 7 No 9


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 Edward Abbott moved to California from Iowa with his family in 1880. In 1889, Abbott, a man of the world who once wrote a letter from the top of Cheops' Pyramid, built a squatter's shack next to the only fresh water spring on the peninsula, near Bay Avenue and Palm Street now the site of The Class of 47- a local bar and still the local watering hole- where he collected, polished, and sold abalone shells, a life long hobby. In 1891, and 1892, Abbott purchased from The State of California as swamp and overflow land, the area between 9th Street and L Street on the peninsula. He built a small pier at the location of today's Palm Street ferry landing that was known for years as Abbott's Landing. Abbott built the Last Chance, a small steamboat for taking excursionists on ocean trips, but the Federal Government refused a permit to operate it. The boat was moved to Lake Ellsinore. In loading the boat onto a railroad car, Abbott sustained injuries which many felt lead to his premature death. It was shortly before his death in 1895 when Edward Abbott, transferred all of his holdings to his brother-in-law Clinton Andre. The land holdings were then cut-up and sold for a few hundred dollars per lot, and a few houses were built in the area which is now downtown Balboa. During the next ten-year period, life was great for those who lived or visited this area. It was a sportsman's paradise of fowl, fish, and shellfish. If you wanted bay clams, you'd just row over to Snipe Island with a big tub and fill it up.  

I happened upon your site this morning and was reminded of so much.
My parents and I moved into 2013 Miramar Dr. in 1958, telephone ORiole 3-4322. I was in the graduating class of 1962, Harbor High. I worked at Don's Candies next to the ferry landing on the peninsula side, dipping frozen bannanas in chocolate, Gunderson's Drug Store (back when drug stores were called drug stores), and later was a projectionist at the Balboa Theater when I was a college student. Upon graduation from Cal-State Fullerton I got involved in the unpleasantness in the Tonkin Gulf and survived.
I well remember The Prison of Socrates, Tim Morgan, and the Steeltown Two. I got to know Tim through the Murphy brothers who, along with their father, ran Murphy's Texaco, which, as I remember, was a stone's throw from the hotel run by Tim's mother.
If anyone reading this has similar memories, write or call. I live in Ohio now, am retired, and live at 5522 Jennybrook Lane, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. My telephone number is (614) 771-8141.
Jim Ebbatson

My husband wanted me to relate that he grew up at 123 Grand Canal, moved there in late 48, lived across the canal from the Shaws. Until 2 years ago we were in contact with Richard Shaw. Virgil Parch used to do their Christmas cards. His dad, Harvey Mayer, kept the engine on the Michigan going. Oh, by the way, my husbands name is Mike Mayer. Mike, as a kid, took more than one trip to Avalon on the Lazy B. He was curious because the original Balboa Island Punting and Sculling group was just a small handful of people and he finds it hard to believe that any of the original members are still with us. What he is looking for is actually the original society logo that was hand painted on the little fly bridge of the Michigan and this was drawn and painted by Parch and Shaw. This was the one and only real deal. He's just trying to find something of that original logo. By the way, what ever happened to the Michigan?
Mike & Sue Mayer

Hi Jim,
Noticed a nice message today on the site mentioning two specific sites in Balboa, Playland Arcade and the Chipyard. Of course you know Playland was owned by my family, and I found one mention of the Chipyard on your site. And yes, we ate BAGS full of those cookies. 10 cents each, 12 for $1. It was just the regular tollhouse recipe, the thing was, you could get the cookies mom made at home anytime you wanted them. You are aware they turned it into a chain aren't you? Not sure why it was shut down, probably too much competition from Mrs Fields and Famous Amos. Mrs Fields was better, never had much use for Famous Amos.
The Hurwitz kids came into the arcade from time to time. Never really got
to know them. They seemed pretty focused on their business. The rumor was that their father had financed their fledgling business and they were
determined to make good. They sure did. There wasn't a person in Balboa
who didn't love their cookies and support their efforts.
Lots of times at the arcade I would hand one of my people a dollar and say
"go get some cookies." No need to explain further
You probably know this already, but one of the brothers who operated the Chipyard, Mitchell Hurwitz, is the creator of the TV show Arrested Development.
The show has a lot of tie-in's with the 'Fun Zone' or at least a Hollywood version of it.
Alan Sandoval

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Events Calendar

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

Fridays June 10 - 8 PM
Thru October 7
Summer Jazz Series

Thursdays, July 14 - September 22
Cinema Orange films
start at 8:30 p.m.

July 17 - September 18
Summer concerts and
Shakespeare by the Sea

September 16 - September 18
Taste of Newport

Saturday, October 1, 2005
Newport Harbor High School
Newport Harbor High School Stadium

Sunday October 2 -11 am 5 pm
Newport Dunes
Newport Beach Centennial
Kickoff Celebration
"Lets Do Launch"
Featuring the Beach Boys

Wednesdays 10 AM  
October 5 - November 30
Cliff Drive park
Mommy's Munchkins
Wonder Play TM

Saturday, October 8 at 2 p.m.
Ocean in Motion
Balboa Branch Library

Monday, October 31 - PM
Earth - Mars Close Encounter

December 14 - 18
97th Annual
Christmas Boat Parade

January 2, 2006
Tournament of Roses Parade

April 20 - 30, 2006
 Newport Beach Film Festival

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I love your site. It's like being home. I grew up in Anaheim, but now live in Kansas. I have a wall of your pictures in my living room, and buy a new one every year if I can afford it. My family comes to Balboa-Newport every year for the first two weeks in August. It keeps me going for the remaining 50 weeks of the year. I thank you for the free calendar with its beautiful pictures and extremely useful list of local vendors. Thanks for keeping me going.
Maggie - Anaheim HS Class of 1968
Maggie Pemberton

Visited your shop today with my daughter. Purchased one of your 5x7 photos "Balboa Sunset VIIII" Loved all of your photos. You inspired my daughter to want to do the same kind of thing. Enjoyed a brief conversation with you as well. Thank you!
Heidi Dusseau

I just found your makes me homesick.  I lived in Newport/Balboa for years (graduated from Harbor High) and still miss the Beach.  Thank you for such great pictures!
Yvonne Millard Mickey

I was there visiting a few weeks ago seen a really pretty jewerly store in the small little village just wondering if you would know the name of it,I found a braclet i would like to get the price on,forgot the name of the store thanks very much for your help P.S it is beautiful there.
venita Jenkins

This website is awesome! My sister just called to let me know about it. I first fell in love with Balboa when I was 12 yrs old. Things were a little different in 1952 but I still think it's the best place in the whole wide world!!   Thanks for the website
Kelly F.

We have been vacationing in Balboa with our kids since 1993.  My 15 year old twins would like to take surfing lessons.  Can you put us in touch with some place that offers surfing lessons at or near Balboa?  We'll be there 7/23 - 7/30.

I enjoy your picks,and I get something new with each visit to Balboa.  This year I bought the screen saver,it's great.  I am having some trouble with the sounds of Balboa part of the newsletter. I get a pic,but no sound.  My sound does work with other applications.Any ideas ?
Lee Hager

you may want to clean the lenses on the wedge and pier cam-love your site

Hello.  I'm trying to find out about the little boat trip around the harbor that includes points of interest.  I'd like to know the hours of operations and cost.  Can you help?
Helena Epperson

Hey Jim:
Love your calenders,& I miss your jokes. I'm building my address book. I've added you to it now. Send some funny stuff. See ya soon in town. Stevie

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