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Whale Watching

The California Gray Whale makes the most spectacular and longest mass migration of any marine mammal. Gray Whales Migrate Annually along the west coast of North America from the summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea to the winter grounds of the Baja California lagoons and back again along the Orange County coast during the months of December, January, February, March, and early April. Balboa's Sport Fishing boats offer Whale Watching Cruses so that children and adults may thrill at the sight of these magnificent mammals as they pass along the coast. For further information contact:
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Newport Whale Watching

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The Bloomer Brigade

From TalesOfBalboa the Book

In 1963, Toni Armistead started the Bloomer Brigade as a way of saying thanks to all of her good friends. Every year in the first week of October Toni would take the group of, "65 gals," as she words it, to Catalina on her 63 foot yacht "Glissando" with full time skipper Bill Campbell at the wheel. Toni makes it clear that this was a once a year ladies day and men were not allowed except for staff. Arriving in Catalina the boat would be greeted by caterers with breakfast and Bloody Maries. Each year a different, "sumptuous lunch," with music comedians and dancers was the bill of fare according to Toni. One year Toni took the Bloomer Brigade to a male stripper club in Los Angeles. Another year she took them to Ireland where they marched in the St. Patrick's parade. They won first place, and were invited to the Mayor's Manner. Toni decided in honor of their tenth crossing to Catalina, "If they lived through it," she would give each Bloomer a solid gold pendant with a diamond in the center of it. And she did. At every annual get together, the girls write the names of Bloomers who had passed away on balloons, say a prayer and let the balloons go

i used to live in newport 35yrs. ago and i just thought of some of the place that where there when i was and maybe you could help me? my parents party at the Stage Bar , And Sid's Blue Bet some one tolled me it burned down.the bar was saved. can you help me? Thank's if you can,
Gayle Brown

Hi, I have a metal from1936, and was wondering if anyone would be intersted in purchacing it.  The front says "Balboa Tournament of Lights Newport California"  the back reads "2nd Most Sriking Color Schemes, 1936"  my name is Zac. You can call me at 562-598-2844, zac

Back in the mid 1960's we used to go to a "club" on Main Street in Balboa.  Would you have any info on what the name of the club was?  Also a singer by the name of Tim Morgan used to play there, any info (if you have it) on him would also be appriciated.

Thanks Much
Steve Haluska

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2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Wednesdays 6 PM
Belly Dancing
Balboa Pilates
204 Washington

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

Tuesday February 14,  6:30 PM
Just Friends 2nd Annual
Taste of Chocolate

April 20 - 30, 2006
 Newport Beach Film Festival

Call For Entries

Friday April 28 - April 30, 2006
Newport Ensenada Race

Wednesday May 3 - May 7, 2006
33rd Annual Newport Boat Show

Saturday, May 06, 2006,9AM
Balboa Island Art Walk

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To our troops and those killed in action

December 03, 2005
We are new residents at 2727 Shell St (China Cove, Corona Del Mar).  It is the goldish brown house built into the rocks.  If you are leaving the jetty, it is the 2nd to the last house on the left with the flag pole in front.  Rumor has it the boats from the parade turn around in front of our house.  Is there a way to find the route of this year's parade?
Thank you in advance.
Coleen  Dorazio

I keep going to your site for the Christmas music with the scene of the pavilion and the snow coming down. It's GREAT !!! Merry Christmas to all !!!
Beverly Fournier

Hello Jim,
My name is Conor and I moved here from the northeast about 4 years ago and really love it but have some questions. I've pretty much hit up all the bars where the women hang out from the Newport pier to Lido and was wondering what are the hot spots for some good drinks and nice women  further south. I'm not too picky on the age (18+) or the type of music they play, just a nice place to hang out with other singles. Also, since you have lived in Balboa, what were the big hot spots in your younger years? Were the women always as beautiful here as they are now? When I first moved here from the northeast I was in shock. Also, one last question, do you know where a good place to buy posters in the area of either ocean scenery or rock and roll bands like Dave Matthews?
Thanks for your help...

Is your book still available?  I have lived in Balboa Island/Newport Beach since 1943.  
Skip Freely

Merry Christmas, Jim
Josť Emilio Balboa Fueyo

HI- I was looking for your Tales of Balboa book. I read last month that it was coming soon. Can you tell me when it will be available?
Thank you.

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