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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

Ever since the 1930s, Balboa has offered Catalina boat service, and at one time two boats were in operation. By the mid 1960's, the franchise was no longer being used so the California Public Utilities Commission auctioned off the Certificate of Public Conveyance to the highest bidder. Phil Tozer, owner of the Pavilion, was high bidder and the Catalina Passenger Service was born. The first boat put into service was the "Island Hopper," a converted 85 foot, 83 ton coast guard cutter, capable of carrying 150 passengers. Fares at this time were $7.50. By 1978, the Island Hopper was replaced with the half million dollar, custom built, "Catalina Holiday." This 110 foot, 90 ton boat was capable of carrying 500 passengers, and took two and a half hours to make the crossing. Fares were $18.50. In 1988, the 3.5 million dollar "Catalina Flyer" was put into service. This 118 foot, 93 ton catamaran style high speed boat can also carry 500 passengers, but in ultimate comfort in only one hour.

My name is Allen Petrich. My father built boats designed by Dair Long, who moored on Balboa in the 40's and 50's. Local marine photographer Kent Hitchkock took photos of these boats and I would like to find the repository of Kent's photographs now. Can anyone help me locate them? thank you. this is for serious research.
Allen Petrich, Jr.
Phone: 415.731.8533

I spent a couple of years living on Lindo Street in Balboa back in 1968. I was in the third grade, and remember fondly: free replays on the Fun Zone nickle pinball machines, finding loose change under the Ferris Wheel and by the bumper cars, the Balboa Pier where I got a really bad sunburn, fishing at the Pavillion boat rental dock, Trick-or-Treating on Lido Island where they gave out real silver dollars!!!, and watching the RC boat races at the Newport Yacht club, and my first job; throwing newspapers. But one of my best memories is the frozen bananas at the little stand by the Balboa Island Ferry. What a wonderful time I had living in Balboa Beach California. The pictures show the changes, but the "heart" is still the same. How sad I felt when we had to move to Costa Mesa that summer of '69.
Mark Brookhart

i am looking for information on my uncle bob - robert murphy; he was balboa's first man of the year, owned the rondezvous ballroom in the 40's and the bamboo room at the same time...if you could help me out that would be great..he and my aunt jay lived at the tip of the peninsula at the time
paige conrad boles

My grandfather worked at the newport dunes, his name was don fischer, he worked there in the late sixties and early seventies,is there anyone who knew him?

Hi - - Have been checking your Web page since just before Christmas, and LOVE it even though most of it is after my time in Balboa.  Do you ever get messages from those who were around, starting in the 30s?  My family lived on the bay front about the time the dredging started then moved to Costa Mesa in the early 30s. 
I remember playing Dibble-Dabble off the    float,in front of the FunZone, and was wondering if there was anyone around that remembers playing.  In later years (40s) there was quite a bunch of us who played pinochle, on the sand, in ront of the FunZone.
Those were very happy and memorable days, for me. Thanks much for your look back to days in Balboa History. 
Doris Conrad Kimball


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In Memory

Tom (Canvas Tom) Boulay
October 15, 1940 to February 1, 2006

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2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

Sunday, March 19, 3P M
Newport Beach Central Library
Sunday Musicale

Tuesday, March 28
Newport Beach Breakers
Player Draft

April 15 - 17
Bowers Museum
Mummies: Death and the
 Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

April 20 - 30
 Newport Beach Film Festival

Friday April 28 - April 30
Newport Ensenada Race

Wednesday May 3 - May 7
33rd Annual Newport Boat Show

Saturday, May 06
Balboa Island Art Walk

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Dear Mr. Fournier: 
  You have a sight that can be brought up on google on Chester Washburn (Chester the Molester).  He was my brother.  He had a sever case of bipolar disorder and was schizophrenic.  When he robbed the bank, it was because he wanted to be put in jail because he had advanced brain cancer and had no one to take care of him - he new he would receive lodging and care in jail.  He died there less than a year after being jailed.  Anyway, he was Chester Washburn the III, after my father and grandfather.  He also had three children.  Prior to the bipolar and cancer taking over, Chester was a hardworking person.  The image you paint of him hurts me and I'm sure it would hurt his children if they came across it, not to speak of the way it reflects on the family name.  If there is a way you could remove that sight from the web I would be so grateful.  Chester led a very sad life and fought his mental state in every way he could.  Unfortunately, they did not have the medications and understanding of bipolar depression that is available now.  As a young man, he was talented and beautiful - I loved him very much.  Thanking you in advance. (and, please do not use my name or address on anything public - this is for your benefit only, and mine).
Chester's sister

Mr. Fournier:  Thank you for your reply.  I know the story has been on for years - I just didn't know what to do about it.  Since you plan on a follow up, though, you should also know Chester was a medic in the Navy when he was young.  He became a captain in the Merchant Marines and in his civilian life, he was a nurse.  He also was an artist and craftsman.
  Bipolar disorder is a mental condition (if you aren't fimilar) that progressively worsens with age if not treated.  His condition had progressed to the schizophrenia in severity and he had already moved to that point before his incarceration.  They did not come up with medicine to treat it until about the time of his death. 
  Chester had the brain cancer for eight years before his death.  While in the hospital (which is where he was while in jail), he allowed the doctors to experiment on him  (hoping to help others). 
  The real story in Chester's story, if you ever do serious, is the bipolar disorder.  It is so easy to go unrecognized and does such damage to people's lives.  I did not know he was living on the streets until after he died because he never complained.  The last time I saw him, he was still trying to take care of me - the eternal big brother.  I am in tears, again, while I write this - and you do not need to relate everything I write.  I do it for the other bipolars because he would have wanted others to fare better than he.  He is finally at peace, God understood his torment - and God forgive me, I didn't.  I spread his ashes off the coast of California -
Eva Washburn

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Help! I'm a young man trapped inside this old geezer's body.
Editor And Chief
Cook & Bottle Washer
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