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Palm Street Gets New
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As part of the Phase III redevelopment of  the central Balboa area,  workers are planting Palm trees along both sides of Palm Street.

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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

During the Second-World-War, Bob Murphy, who owned the Rendezvous Ballroom and the Bamboo Room, also owned The Barn, a large building located in the east Long Beach area near the Meadowlark Country Club. The Barn was used as an undercover gambling hall. One day, Al Anderson, who owned the Fun Zone, Gordy Wevill, who owned the Dutch Lunch and Hughy Bowen, who was big into slots and gambling equipment, decided to throw a "stag" at The Barn for the Douglas Aircraft employees. A stag was basically, "Gambling, broads and booze," according to Gordy. The night of the stag, the three men drove to The Barn in Al Anderson's Big Ol' Chrysler. The stag was a big success, and they returned with a bag filled with $3,000.00 in cash and payroll checks. Al Anderson lived in the upstairs of a small two story building located on the Fun Zone grounds, the downstairs being his office. The three men had been drinking, so when Al Anderson pulled into his Fun Zone driveway, he went directly into his office and opened the safe, and told the other two to go home and he would take care of everything. The next morning, Gordy came by and found Al Anderson's office door open and the safe wide open. Gordy called out for Al because he feared that something had happened to him. Soon Al came down the stairs. It seems he forgot about everything and just went to bed. The $3,000.00 laying on the floor of the Chrysler, with the doors still open, was still there. And the safe which contained Fun Zone receipts was untouched.

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Jim -- "city founder Frederic Newport" [Corona del Mar Tunnel] Come on you're pulling our legs. Everyone knows the city was founded by the Corona brothers. They had a huge feud over which brother the city should be named after. So they named the area to the west Corona de la Bahia and the area to the east Corona del Mar, with the entire city being called simply Corona Corona to satisfy both brothers. Then someone suggested that it was really inappropriate to give the city the same name as a cigar. So the elder Corona moved inland to Riverside County taking his name and a few of his neighbors with him. (But that's another story.) It wasn't until 1911 that the city came to be called Newport Beach. It seems that an Italian yachtsman by the name of Irving Balboa set out from his native Naples bound for Rhode Island to enter the America's Cup Race. Either he was blown off course or simply made a wrong turn (the controversy still rages), but either way, he found himself on the west instead of the east coast. He pulled up to McFadden's Wharf, hopped off his boat and declared in a thick Italian accent, "So! You can a-now start-a da race! Da Great Italian yachtsman Balboa has arriv-ed!" The locals looked at Balboa dumbly. "This is Newport, yes?" said Balboa. "Uh, yeah, that's right...Newport," said one Californian secretly remembering a joke played on another Italian Yachtsman in which several Bahamians allowed themselves to be called Indians. The other Californians joined in on the joke, Saying things like "Yeah, yeah, Newport, mm hmm." They explained that Balboa had missed the race, but that he was welcome to stay, which he did. The locals, unwilling to give up a good thing, kept the joke up for several years, until Balboa lay dying upon his deathbed. Someone explained the joke to the old man who was heard to mutter, "Hey, dat's a good one," just before he expired. In honor of his being such a good sport about the whole thing , they named the island and the peninsula after Balboa.

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Events Calendar

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

May 3 - 7
33rd Annual
Newport Boat show

Saturday, Sunday May 13-14
Privateer Lynx
@ The Balboa Fun Zone

Thursdays May 18 - August 31, 6 PM
Beer Can Regatta

Saturday, May 21
Balboa Island Art Walk

Sunday, June 4, 11 AM
13th Annual
Balboa Island Parade
(949) 675-1773

Saturdays at Sundown
June 17 thru September 2
Annual Flag Lowering Ceremony
Patriotic Music, Taps, Canon Salute.
Balboa Boat Rentals
By the Balboa Island Ferry Landing
Balboa Peninsula

July 10 - 21
Children's Summer Art Camp
Boller Studio/Gallery

Sunday July 30, 1PM
Flight of the Lasers

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Viewer Email

Jim, Your site is the best!! This morning I woke up as usual and pull it up to check the live cams and all of a sudden I'm riding the ferry!! That's incredible!!
Mike Murphy
Sun Valley, Idaho

Hi Jim, this is Jim Caouette I'm trying to reunite with a real good friend, could you please give her my e-mail address! I once work at the Pharmacy. My dad's name was Ted, you might ember him or my uncle Bill. Her name is Karie Mcdowell,last I knew she lived over Mithrich the T-Shirt store across from the pharmacy. I love your web sight I check out the camras all the time I wish I where there all the time but whit the job I have I can't so I feel good to be able to see thing's I miss. So if you can help me I tank you vary much.
Jim Caouette

Dear Jim,
Question for you redarding the print, "Life's a Beach"...What is the object at the end of the walkway? (Difficult to make out what it is via the internet). Fabulous picture, by the way...
Mr. Maxwell, Tempe, Arizona

Hi, Jim;
So disappointed that The Wedge cam and ocean beach cams are no longer on your website. And why the Arcade? Kind of sad when there are so many beautiful scenes to be shown around Balboa
Tita Vincent Yost

Dear Jim, I am writing from Washington State and was doing a search on the internet to find a dear friend I have known for 16 years. With no luck I decided to take a long shot and use google to see if there's any pictures of her on the internet. Low and behold, there's her picture under your section "Faces of Balboa". I've tried every possible route to find her except this. If it's all possible to let her know through your paper to contact me via e-mail? I don't know any other way to contact her with an unlisted number! This is one woman I can't afford to lose contact with. Her name is Amy Kinsey, she used to go to Ponderosa High School in Shingle springs, California.  I don't know if my idea is possible or will even work, but it's worth a shot and heck, it works in movies, right?? If not please at least reply and tell me no, so the suspense won't kill me. Thanks for your time and consideration!
Sincerely, Paul G. Winkler, USN, Whidbey Island, WA.
Paul G. Winkler

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