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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

It was November 1995 when the Balboa Island Punting and Sculling Society sat in the Class of 47 planning the hijacking of the Balboa Island ferry. The ferry had only been hijacked once before, and that was by Judge Bob Gardner while in his youth. The Society had not pulled a big caper in almost two decades, and the Society's reputation was riding on the hijacking. It was decided the hijacking would take place at 11 a.m. on Wednesday November 29th, 1995. Preparations were made for the big event; even certificates were prepared for all who had the gumption for the historic task. The morning of the big day the Society's members and guests gathered at the Class of 47 in readiness. Then at the appropriate time they charged the ferry landing and commandeered the ferry, "Commodore," and ordered the operator to take the ferry to Woody's Wharf under threat of being 86ed from every bar in Orange County, right under the noses of the Newport Beach Police. The ferry had just started moving up the bay when out of nowhere, the Harbor Patrol appeared in hot pursuit with blue-light and siren. The ferry refused to stop and the Harbor Patrol resorted to using the boat's fire nozzle to shoot water at the ferry, but to no avail. This crowd was on a mission, and nothing was going to stand in their way. As the ferry passed the American Legion Hall, several members of the Society mooned it. Finally the ferry arrived at Woody's Wharf, where it was put up for sale for $75.00 OBO to help cover the Society's bar bill. But sadly, there were no takers and the ferry was returned within two hours of its hijacking.

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jim - my aunt and uncle owned the rendezvous, also uncle bob was the first man of the year in balboa...the big fir across from the library on the peninsula (is it still there?) was planted on that day.. their names bob murphy jay murphy my grandma was their bookkeeper..did you have any names to go with the photo of the girls in bathing suits? i think one was my mother..paige. keep up; the great work, for those of us far away it helps with the longing to see balboa again...i remember collecting bottles and taking them to the grocery store for pennies

Jim -
Thanks so much for the website, allowing me to remember the good times I had living there!!!  From time to time - while sitting at my desk and wishing I were back on the peninsula - I log onto your website.  Looking at it can put a smile on my face & it works every time!!!  Again, you are a gem!  I hope to visit again soon!!!
Your Ol' neighbor - Linda P. (Velvin)

Hi. My grandparents owned Wonacott's Donut Shop across the street from the Fun Zone during the 1950s. I have been looking for a picture of the donut shop forever. Can you help? Thank you
Kathy Wonacott Pedley

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Events Calendar

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

Thursdays May 18 - August 31, 6 PM
Beer Can Regatta

Sunday June 11, 2 PM
Drum circle and Bon fire
Balboa Pier on the Beach
Bring your own drinks, food, drums

Thursdays June 8 - August 24
Cinema Orange Films

Orange County Museum of Art

June 9th - October 15th,
Dredges to Dreamboats
Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

Saturdays at Sundown
June 17 thru September 2
Annual Flag Lowering Ceremony
Patriotic Music, Taps, Canon Salute.
Balboa Boat Rentals
By the Balboa Island Ferry Landing
Balboa Peninsula

Thursday, June 29, 6:30 PM
Movie Night - 'Letting Go"

Peninsula Park

July 4,  Noon
Old Glory Character Boat Parade

July 4,  8:15 PM
Dunes Fireworks
Great View  From The Fun Zone

July 4
Independence Day Parade
at Mariners Park

Thursdays, July 6,  August 17, 6 PM
Concert on the Peninsula
Balboa Pier Gazebo


July 10 - 21
Children's Summer Art Camp
Boller Studio/Gallery

Thursday, July 20, 6:30 PM
Movie Night - "Riding Giants"

Peninsula Park

Sunday July 30, 1PM
Flight of the Lasers

Thursday, August 24, 6;30 PM
Movie Night - "Dane Reynolds"

Peninsula Park

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Hi Jim,
Love your site, love your book. My collaborator and I (who co-edited DUMB ANGEL #4: ALL SUMMER LONG) have put up a new blog about Balboa. Here's the link:
I hope you enjoy it, and maybe spread the word around town.
Brian Chidester

Can you please send me so information on the balboa ferry for my report on Balboa Island?
Michael Morello

Love your site, love your photography! I was wondering, what got you into your job, and what sort of training/ classes did you go to? Thnx!

Hi there!
Iīve found a fireboat picture at your homepage! (First Fire Boat Circa 1948)
Iīm going to start fireboat-homepage within the next 6 month. This page will give information abaout more than 500 fireboats all over world. Do you like to share the picture and any helpfull information about fireboatīs with me and the world? Each picture and text paragrph will have a caption like: Thankīs to: - your name - with a link included to a homepage you like. please write to have a nice day and thank you very much!
Burkhard Reeg

Hi Jim,
My name is Joanna and I am working on the Newport Nautical Museums Centennial Exhibit.  I have been reading your book when some questions have come up!  It seems that you might be just the right man to help clear up a few things.
Questions as follow:
1.  Gambling:  Did gambling really help the City of Newport Beach survive the great depression?  Is there any kind of imagery of poker parlors, poker tables or fishing boat slots that you know of?  Do you know of anyone I might be ablet to talk to about this?
Any names of boats, people or events revolving around Newport's gambling past?
2. John Watts and the Teal.  We found his name as being the man who ran the Ferry "Pre-Beek" but have been unable to get any further information or even confirm that this is true.  Do you know anything about him?
Okay, that is about all for now.
We have really enjoyed your book!  Great resource and quite interesting.  Also, the website is set up very well.  Thanks for your help.
Joanna Grasso

Will you be having the street painting event this year? Thank you

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