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In Memory

Bobbie Mifflin
(The Taffy Lady)
1929 - 2006
She was an icon to many
who grew up in Balboa.

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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

 Just after the end of World War II, The Doll House opened at 415 E. Balboa Boulevard. The Doll House was noted as one of Balboa's favorite spots for a good time, and was popular with the Hollywood set, such as Jerry Colona. Peggy Lee, who worked at the old Fun Zone, got her start at The Doll House. The noise level was so high she couldn't sing over it so she sang under it, forcing the crowd to listen to her. It is said this is how she developed her style. With its red and white old barn exterior and red and white checked tablecloths, The Doll House is remembered by locals as a fun place where the music would pour out onto the streets every night. Owned by Jane Manchester and operated with the help of some loyal Philippine workers and hostesses (not waitresses), there were several Doll Houses, others being located in Palm Springs and Laguna Beach. The specialties of the house were "Those Potatoes" and the hostesses. That's right, the hostesses made an easy $500.00 a week keeping the customers happy. Or as Jim Laster says, "I should know. My second wife was one of them." The Doll House was torn down in the late 1960's and apartments were built on the site.

Balboa Memories

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I'm 31 now and grew up spending a few weeks on Balboa almost every summer. I remember the duck with the hat on its head which was really a growth that looked like a hat. Does anyone remember the Italian pizza place on Marine Ave. called Meonies, it had saw-dust on the floor. I also remember playing great 3 on 3 games of basketball on the court near the Ferry. I also remember a boat that was shaped like a house near Collins Island, it was called "Dumb Boat." It was always fun to skate board and bike ride over the fresh painted "No Bike Riding" signs on the boardwalk. I remember a nice old lady that lived on the Canal, her name was Ms. Ubanks and she had a cat and rubber bands on her door handle that she put on their after removing it from her mail. I loved seeing the red harbor patrol boat speeding with its siren. The best part of the fun zone back then was being on the News when they were cracking down on the "No Cruising" law. I think we were standing right in front of Bubbles, which was a bar for the divorced or separated on the Peninsula side. The best arcade games in the fun zone, which were way past their time, were "Bubble Hockey and "Berzerk." And let's not forget every summers parting gift that would keep my mind on Balboa throughout the school year, the Balboa Beach Company book covers which they gave out free during the sale. And I'll always remember being at Magic Mountain with my blue Balboa Beach Company T-shirt and the cutest brunette waiting in line at the Log Jammer wearing a green Balboa Beach Company shirt. I had so many of those T-shirts, today I'm washing my car with them. And I think we were all pretty scared of "Danger, End of Storm Drain" signs on the bay. Fishing and catching nothing off the Public Piers. Putting Jelly Fish in the same bucket with the crabs that would live off the piers. Feeding the ducks bread. Renting the way too slow motor boats. Getting pulled over by harbor patrol for a motor raft that was too fast, with no license. Dad's Donuts and Balboa Bars.

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Stop organized crime, fire the politician of your choice.


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Events Calendar

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 3:30 PM -7:00 PM
Kyng Arthur: Authentic Reggae
"Cabo Cantina" 100 Main St

Sunday November 12, 3 PM
Sunday Musical
Central Library

Friday, November 17 8PM
Fashion Island Christmas Tree
Lighting Ceremony

Friday December 13 - 17
Christmas Boat Parade

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Hey Jim, hows it going?
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know, my aunt, Barbara Mifflin has passed away recently. She was the taffy lady in Balboa for many, many years. Originally she had the taffy windows on the boardwalk in front of the old Fun Zone. She had the hamburger stand there for awhile also. She later relocated her taffy store to Palm street down closer to the municipal parking lot. I believe you have written about her in your book, or quoted some of her stories about life in Balboa in the good ole days....anyway, you may want to mention it. She was kind of an icon to many who grew up in the area.  I wish I had a picture of her in her infamous red bandana, but alas I do not. Her son Dennis may have, he can be reached through the Mifflins Taffy web page. She was a special person for many reasons, but one that comes to mind....she gave a lot of kids there first jobs throughout the years, in her taffy shop and hamburger stand. She enjoyed that. She was a bit of an eccentric, and those who really knew her, know just what I mean, and she will be missed
Barbara Courneya     a.k.a. Dever

Hi, I really enjoy your website. I spent so many young summers in Balboa from the mid- fifties as a kid to the present day. Do you know of anywhere I could get a print or copy of a photo or painting of how the fun zone used to look back in the fifties to the sixties? I saw a water color painting in Long Beach 20 years ago but I was too broke to purchase it. It showed the view from the ferry crossing looking down the sidewalk towards the pavilion. Please e-mail if you have any ideas. If not, then thanks for your time anyway. Daryl
Daryl Yancey

I thinking about buying the book. What I need to know is there anything - articles, pictures, etc. regarding Dave Myers and the Surftones in this book??
Thanks for your help!!

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