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Public Artists Invited

The Newport Beach City Arts Commission is inviting public artists to submit proposals for the creation of a sculpture that will be placed in the center of the McFadden Square Centennial Legacy Project. The purpose of the sculpture will be to illustrate the significance of the City’s Centennial and the Newport Beach environment. The deadline for submission is May 1, 2007.
Contact Jana Barbier in the Cultural Arts Office at (949) 717-3870

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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

The Balboa Sculling and Punting Society was formed in the old Village Inn on Balboa Island in the late 1940's. Ron White, who was the society's treasurer for eight years, says," [They were a] bunch of eccentric old guys sitting around doing nothing. Bored, wealthy people who wanted to do goofy things.” The membership was hand written on the back of a menu. Well-known cartoonists Dick Shaw, one of the creators of Mr. Magoo, and Virgil Partch who drew the VIP cartoons, were two of the founding members. In the mid 1980s the group decided to take the bus to Hawaii, and this group had no problem doing things the right way.  First Ron verified that there were enough funds in the treasury for the adventure. A letter from the Governor of  Hawaii approving the trip was acquired. Heublein, the liquor distributor agreed to supply the booze and stewardesses for the trip. Flying Tiger Airlines agreed to fly the bus to Hawaii in one of its big cargo planes. The plan was to buy an old school bus, give it a quick coat of paint, load it into the plane and have one hell of a party on the bus while flying over the Pacific Ocean, then donate the bus to a convalescent home in Hawaii. Everything was set to go. Then, at the last moment, due to financial problems, Flying Tiger backed out of the deal and the adventure never came to pass. 

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Taco Tuesdays, All Day
$1.00 Tacos, No Limit, Eat In/Take Out
Great Mex
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

Mondays thru Thursdays
Pole Dancing Classes
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204 Washington St.

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 7 AM - 9 AM
Crystal Cove Exotic Cars
Balboa Pier Parking Lot

March 1 – April 30
Lauri Mendenhall’s
“Oddly Ordinary”
Images on Exhibit
Newport Beach Central Library

 March  5-11
 2007 Toshiba Classic

Saturday, March 10, 2 p.m.
Treasure Hunting and the Atocha:
 The Sequel
Balboa Branch Library

April 19-29, 2007
Newport Beach Film Festival

April 20, 6PM
Newport Elementary School’s Annual Hula for Moola Fundraiser

Dinner, dance, silent auction
Harborside Pavilion
Auction starts Friday, March 23rd

Friday, April 27 - 29, 2007
Newport Ensenada Race

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Viewer Email & Memories

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for the nice webcams and photos of Balboa. We definitely enjoyed our day of biking. We went to the Balboa Pavilion webcam since it archives the photos. We were hopeful to retrieve a picture of ourselves once we returned home. When looking at the archives, it appears that the computer controlling the renaming and/or uploading of photos crashed and reset itself. The last accurate time was 11:58am on 2-18-2007. After that, the time on the website states 16:00 for 12 noon. Also, the picture itself states 4 o'clock on Dec 31 1969. I was still able to find a picture of me, but I thought I would let you know.
Take care,

Jim --
Love the new Balboa Bay webcam!  It's the best web cam you've linked yet.  It does make it hard to concentrate on my work, however, because I'm too busy crossing the bay (in my mind) with the ferries all day long!

Jim, the clarity and positioning of your "Balboa Bay" web cam is outstanding!!!
Tom O'Loughlin

Hi Jim,
I'm a Native of California, Long Beach to be exact, and I now live with my mother in Eugene, Oregon. The one thing I love about your website is the fact that there's a recording of one of the sweetest whistles that I could ever hear in my life ... The lovely whistle of the Phoenix! I was born on 7/15/1984 in Long Beach, California. I grew up on Catalina Island, when the Phoenix was there. At that time, my Uncle, Joey Gray, was the captain of that beautiful boat. I remember the time when I was little, Uncle Joey took me on one of the glass bottom boat tours to the underwater sea gardens, with my sister Amber, my Aunt Sylvia, my Cousin Gracie, my Cousin Windy, and my Cousin James. What a lovely sailing adventure! Whenever I would hear that whistle, I would always say, that's the Phoenix! However, when I listened carefully to the recording you have of that whistle, I was slightly disappointed. The whistle didn't even sound like it was on the ocean at all! It actually sounds more like it's coming from somebody's backyard. When I was on Catalina Island, and when that whistle of the lovely Phoenix would wail, I could hear it from anywhere I was standing, even on the top of a mountain! Is there a possibility that you could forward me a recording of the Phoenix Whistle, from the years when it was on Catalina Island? Even a recording of the diesel engine would be nice. You can send them to me as MP3 Attachments Via Email.
Annabelle Morison

i metyou 4 years ago on the peninsula. you took my photo i just found your card in an old purse and found myself on faces of Balboa. my parents took me there every yr .since i was3 i am now 56 and still going would love to talk to you
debismall kasper

Hello, wonderful site. I have a strange question.. there was a wooden indian in the pavillion for awhile during the 70's. my dad's told me a couple stories about it and i was trying to find a picture of it. i am just lookin to find a picture with the indian in it. the daily pilot did an article about it called "the vanishing american"
any info would be much appreciated
mandy Lundell

Hi Jim,
My wife and I stopped in your new location the second week of November. We were in town for our son's wedding. It was sad  for us upon hearing about the closure of the Balboa Market. You told me that day that  Balboa as we had know it was gone and I remember walking down to the ferry hardly able to contain myself from the sadness. I sure miss the old days but am so greatly appreciative of your efforts to record history.
Don Vanpraag from Colorado

Dear Jim,
I grew up on the peninsula back in the 60's and 70's eating frozen bananas.  Do you happen to know who the originator was of this delightful concoction?  I remember seeing a segment about it on the Food Channel but can't remember. I am currently writing a book that takes place on the peninsula and would like to include this fact.
Thank for you time and any help you can supply me.
Melissa Baldwin

Our last name being Balboa and being related to the explorer it would be nice to find out more of the heritage of the city of Balboa. Looks like a beautiful town. We may have distant relatives from there. I think they came up from the south.  Any info would be nice. No junk mail please. Thanks!

I grew up in Balboa.  Married, moved away.  Came back in 1977 and lived there until 1984.  Please tell me what happened to Max Dillman and is Dillman's Restaurant still there on Main Street?  Also, do you know about Art Larson and is he dead now?  We know the Class of 47 and the original owners.  Who own's it now?  Is it still a hole in the wall with a jukebox?  Why do we get a DC song when you click on the Class of 47 link on your page?  What happened to Don Dawson, skipper of the Catalina Holiday?  Is it still possible to find a place to live there.  I would love to come home.  I worked for Pacific Ocean Yachts and Bruce McLoud.  Are they still there?  Love to hear back from you.
Gail Brooks Wilson



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