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Public Artists Invited

The Newport Beach City Arts Commission is inviting public artists to submit proposals for the creation of a sculpture that will be placed in the center of the McFadden Square Centennial Legacy Project. The purpose of the sculpture will be to illustrate the significance of the City’s Centennial and the Newport Beach environment. The deadline for submission is May 1, 2007.
Contact Jana Barbier in the Cultural Arts Office at (949) 717-3870

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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

On September 27, 1922, George Edwards opened the Bank of Balboa. In 1927 the bank was reorganized and the board of directors read like a "who's who" of Balboa. The bank's headquarters was originally located on the northeast corner of Central Avenue, now Balboa Boulevard, and Washington Street now occupied by Pavilion Real Estate, the old bank vault is still one of the back rooms of the business next door. In 1928, a new building was built on the southeast corner of the same intersection at a cost of $50,000. The Great Depression brought an end to the Bank of Balboa when a run was made on the bank in February of 1932. Wrong doing by the bank directors was never considered, and in fact all of the bank's depositors received fair market value for their accounts. But due to a State law, bank failure decreed that the bank's officers and directors were to be assessed 100% of the cost of their stock. In 1934, the Bank of Balboa's building was sold to the Bank of America for $27,000. By the mid 1980's, Bank of America moved out of this location and a few years later the landmark building was leveled to make way for the store fronts and apartments that now occupy this location

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Dear Jim:
I've found an old postcard captioned on the front, "One of the beautiful views of Balboa Beach, California," under a picture of "Gus's Sea Shell Cafe." On the reverse is the remark, "BALBOA, situated in beautiful Newport Harbor, where $2,000,000 of Federal funds have been expended to result in the finest pleasure port on the Pacific Coast." It was never sent so is undated and unpostmarked.
Can you give me any further information re date or specific location? I'd be happy to mail you a scanned copy.
Thank you, Barbara

Events Calendar

Taco Tuesdays, All Day
$1.00 Tacos, No Limit, Eat In/Take Out
Great Mex
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

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Pole Dancing Classes
Balboa Pilates

204 Washington St.

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Saturdays 7 AM - 9 AM
Crystal Cove Exotic Cars
Balboa Pier Parking Lot

Library Week, April 15-21
Monday, April 16, 7 pm
Tuesday, April 17,
 Thursday April 19, 4 pm
Thursday, April 19, 7 pm
Wednesdays, April 11,
April 18, 3:30 pm

April 19-29, 2007
Newport Beach Film Festival

April 20, 6PM
Newport Elementary School’s Annual Hula for Moola Fundraiser

Dinner, dance, silent auction
Harborside Pavilion
Auction starts Friday, March 23rd

April 21 - 28

Friday, April 27 - 29, 2007
Newport Ensenada Race

Sunday May 20,  9AM - 5PM
Balboa Island Art Walk

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Viewer Email & Memories

I am looking for the small shop on the island right as the ferry lands that makes ceramic address plates. They have been there forever but I cannot find a name to get their website or phone #. Can you help?

Good Morning:
My grandfather Walter Matthew Hart was the Captain of the197 foot schooner S.V. Pioneer that was based in Balboa harbor during the 1950's and 1960's. He died  on March 24th 1949. Today the yacht SV Pioneer is known as the S.V. Yankee Clipper and is part of the Windjammer Cruise Line. The Vanderbilt estate sold the yacht to Mike Burke in 1961. Geoge Vanderbilt fell, was pushed or jumped from the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, also in 1961. The S.V. Pioneer (originally the SV Cressida) was build for American businessmand and cousin of Geroge Vanderbilt in 1927 at the Krupp German Shipyard.  In the late 1930's George Vanderbilt purchased the yacht and eventually changed the name to the S.V. Pioneer. There is a great deal of information written and pictures about the yacht up to 1941/42 when the yacht was leased to the U.S Navy as a patrol vessel on station in the South Pacific. I have heard all kinds of stories about the heroic adventures that took place involving this yacht rescuing sailors, marines and aviators during World War II in and around Quadacanal; but I can not find any written articles, documents or information about the ship and crew from 1942 to 1945. I would really appreciate any amount of information that anyone has about the S.V. Pioneer, the crew and my grandfather. I would also be glad to provide copies of the information and pictures I have to any interested individual.
Walter Matthew "Matt" Hart II

I grew up on the Peninsula. My first job was in the Pavilion Gift Shop for Orville and Marigold Schlueter in 1969, The Summer of Love! I followed that with a summer stint for the Kennedy family as a frostee maker, banana and bar dipper par excellence next to the carousel in the old Fun Zone. My last and longest job in the village was as a fry cook at the Bal Beach Broaster for Bob and Dottie. I still make their delicious cole slaw on a regular basis! At some point I intend to resume my resident status in the coolest small town in the big city on earth.
Susan Langlie Upson

Thanks for the Bay Web Cam .. I could watch the ferries all day! And I can almost smell the bay. I love to watch when they have three running at once! It's been years since I've ridden the ferry - I'll make a point of it when I visit this summer.

Just discovered your website. Makes me want to move to Balboa Island. The ferry webcam is especially interesting and the quality is the best I've seen for a webcam. Very informative and well organized website

How does one get a photo of Joseph Allan Beek, Secretary to the Senate of California for 40 years?  I have tried every means to get one.
Gloria Beek

Hi Jim,
I bet you a bottle of cheap wine, they won't help me.  I have been skirting around that branch of the family for years and all I get is skirting. You would swear I was going to do harm.  I am a retired school teacher 67 years old, writing a little book for family members about the 11 children of  a Joseph Beek who came from Ireland in 1819.  Joseph Allan Beek was a great grandson of this guy... My husband is  a great great  grandson of the same  guy. Thanks so much for responding.  Love Tales of Balboa.  Going to visit next year.
Gloria Beek

Hi!  I am one of the organizers of the Newport Elementary School's Hula for Moola held at the Balboa Pavilion.  I would like to have you post our event details, and maybe a link to our silent auction website?  Many of the individuals in your "Faces of Balboa" section are connected to Newport El.  Any help at all is much appreciated.  Thank You!
Pine Smith

Hi, Jim.
I was born on 7/15/1984, I'm from Long Beach, California, and am currently living with my mother in Eugene, Oregon. What I think is so cool about your website is that you've got a recording of one of the sweetest little whistles I could ever hear ... The Phoenix! I remember when my Uncle, Joe Gray, was the captain of the Phoenix. As a matter of fact, I went sailing on that beautiful boat when it was on Catalina Island, with Uncle Joey, Aunt Sylvia, Cousin Gracie, Cousin Windy, and Cousin James. I was probably about three or four at the time of the lovely sailing adventure, because at that time, Uncle Joey was the captain. That whistle is so haunting, it chills me with joy every time I hear it! However, I was slightly disappointed when I found this out, this particular recording of the Phoenix whistle doesn't even sound like it's on the ocean at all! It sounds more like it's in somebody's backyard garden. If the phoenix was on the ocean, the whistle would have more reverberation. When it was on Catalina Island, the Phoenix whistle could be heard throughout  the city of Avalon! This is because, as my mother states it, Catalina Island is surrounded by canyons, so the Phoenix whistle, or any other boat whistle, can be heard across the bay, as the sound travels down the canyons, like an auditorium. Is there any chance you might have a historic recording of the Phoenix whistle, from Catalina Island? Maybe even a recording of the whistle, with the diesel engines, would be nice. It's sad to know that this beautiful boat went down. I, like many other natives of California, love our Beautiful Phoenix! May she rest in peace. And maybe someday soon, she'll rise again.


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