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When Balboa Fun Zone President Joe Tunstall and Vice President Bob Speth began looking for a Merry-Go-Round for the new Fun Zone they traveled to the closed theme park called Santa's Village in Scotts Valley located between Santa Cruz and San Jose California. There the pair discovered the remains of the old Santa's Village Merry-Go-Round. It had weeds growing through it, mice crawling all over it and two of the original horses had been stolen. Bob Speth recalls he almost fell through the old Merry-Go-Round's rotten oak deck. They paid $25,000 for the Merry-Go-Round. To restore the old Merry-Go-Round, Dena Morgan - son of Ed Morgan who had originally built it - was engaged for the job. The Merry-Go-Round was disassembled and taken to Morgan's facility. According to Speth, "Everything was replaced except for the frame." Because the molds for the original aluminum horses were long gone, new molds had to be made in order to produce replacements for the two missing horses. To replace the Fun Zone's Merry-Go- Round with a new one of the same quality it would cost well over a quarter of a million dollars. Ever since the new Fun Zone opened in 1986, free ride wooden-nickels have been handed out throughout Southern California to libraries as rewards for children's reading programs and to schools for incentive programs for students. To date over a million free ride wooden-nickels have been handed out. Over 180,000 people ride the Merry-Go- Round each year. About half ride free, either with a wooden-nickel or an adult riding free with a child

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I enclosed a photo of my kids and nephews standing in from of the boat ride at the fun zone in 1972. It's not a great photo but it shows the boats that Stephanie was talking about in her email. And also, George Perlin's Richfield station was at the corner of Adams and Balboa Blvd. There was a 'Flying A" station at Palm. I got to know George very well, my house was right behind the station. Many mornings I woke up to his singing "Without a Song, the Day Would Never End". I think everyone on the peninsula could hear him. He had a great baritone voice. Tim Morgon

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703 E. Balboa Blvd.

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(949) 673-7863 X 105 Carol Davis

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June 8-10
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July 4
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Viewer Email & Memories

I keep coming back to your web site because it links me to the happy years in the early 50's that I used to run up and down that sidewalk where your cams are now. Back then there were two public beaches not far from either side of the ferry, each with a swimming area and large float that had a high diving boards on them. One was in front of Christians Hut which was an old fire trap of a two story restaurant that sat where that large block of building hangs over the sidewalk now. The other public beach was right in front of the fun zone where rental boats are moored now. Does anyone remember the dapper midget who used make change in the penny arcade from way up on top of tall stool near the nickelodeon that pounded out carnival music day and night?
Robert Kettenhofen

I just downloaded your Tales of Balboa. The postcard
looks great. Thank you.

Hey Jim, thanks for keeping this website going! My wife and I lived around 11th & Balboa for a few years and moved to Chicago in 2002. The site really does a great job of capturing what makes Balboa so special. Take care, Paul
Paul Velgos

Hello there.
I often visit family in Newport Beach and always manage to visit Balboa Island. This last visit, I saw Nicholas Cage on Balboa Island (which was really cool). I plan to live on Balboa someday, possibly even open a business there. I love it so much because: the stores are all on one street, there are always adorable dogs being walked, the salt water taffy is legendary, I saw Nicholas Cage there, on St. Patrick's day there were bagpipes and dancers randomly celebrating in the streets, all of the streets are named after gem stones, and the ferry ride is kind of fun. Just saying hi.

I have been living in Balboa since last December and I just now discovered your website. Love it! I grew up in Westminster/Garden Grove/HB area and Balboa seemed like almost a different world when I first moved down there, but I love it so much. Your website is very helpful! Keep up the good work.

Jim, Nice to read the Daily Pilot story about you and your love. I never miss reading your wonderful web site.
George (Bud) Barnett, Newport Harbor class of '41
Bud Barnett

Great pictures and website, but the sun doesn't rise in the Pacific.
Dee Turner

Congratulations on the Daily Pilot article. Good photo, good story and the headline: Picturing Balboa. Doesn't get better than that.
Dave Muller

Does anyone remember The Ice Cream Man shop on Newport Blvd. between 29th & 30th street? According to my friend, there was a shop in the 1970's.
Karen Newton

This a very nice article about you and your gallery...Your picture is excellent you look like Gentleman.

Hi Jim,
Wondering if you knew the approximate location of Gus's Sea Shell Cafe ?
No biggie,
Chris Wall

What was the Mexican restaurant called that used to be on Palm street before Mutt Lynch's?

This is great! Thank you for letting me know about your site. I shared it with several of my coworkers this morning.
Best of luck to you!
Alisa Ashby

This summer I will spend my 19th year on Newport Beach with my kids. They choose Newport over any place in the world for our annual two week vacations - and we have offered other places. Anyway, I heard a terrible rumor that Balboa Market has closed. When did that happen and is it open in another location? Has another owner opened a market in its place? I can't imagine not being able to go there after a day at the Beach to buy a bottle of wine for the evening? I love your website - when I'm having a tough day at work I listen to the bells of the ferry.
Yours, Maude

Have been visiting Bal since 4 yrs old (1943). Still love to go there several times a year. Love the ferry. My H S coach was part owner at one time. Agree that it needs the FUN ZONE to be Balboa. Hope they keep the carousel as well as the Ferris wheel.
Warren Grinnell


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