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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

During the Second-World-War, Bob Murphy, who owned the Rendezvous Ballroom and the Bamboo Room, also owned The Barn, a large building located in the east Long Beach area near the Meadowlark Country Club. The Barn was used as an undercover gambling hall. One day, Al Anderson, who owned the Fun Zone, Gordy Wevill, who owned the Dutch Lunch and Hughy Bowen, who was big into slots and gambling equipment, decided to throw a "stag" at The Barn for the Douglas Aircraft employees. A stag was basically, "Gambling, broads and booze," according to Gordy. The night of the stag, the three men drove to The Barn in Al Anderson's Big Ol' Chrysler.  The stag was a big success, and they returned with a bag filled with $3,000.00 in cash and payroll checks. Al Anderson lived in the upstairs of a small two-story building located on the Fun Zone grounds, the downstairs being his office. The three men had been drinking, so when Al Anderson pulled into his Fun Zone driveway, he went directly into his office and opened the safe, and told the other two to go home and he would take care of everything. The next morning, Gordy came by and found Al Anderson's office door open and the safe wide open.  Gordy called out for Al because he feared that something had happened to him.  Soon Al came down the stairs.  It seems he forgot about everything and just went to bed.  The $3,000.00 lying on the floor of the Chrysler, with the doors still open was still there.  And the safe which contained Fun Zone receipts was untouched.

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When the old Fun Zone was demolished back in the early 1980s this old Ice Cream Stand was one of the last buildings to go.

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Events Calendar

Taco Tuesdays, All Day
$1.00 Tacos, No Limit, Eat In/Take Out
Great Mex
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

99¢ Tuesdays at the Fun Zone
99¢ Specials All Day

Mondays thru Thursdays
Pole Dancing Classes
Balboa Pilates

204 Washington St.

Wednesdays, 11 Am - 12 Noon
 Fun at Pirates Cove, 2 - 5 year olds

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
(949) 673-7863 X 105 Carol Davis

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

First Friday of the Month
Fun Zone Friday

Wednesdays 7PM - 9PM
Art Night
Rainey Fine Art Gallery
103 Palm St. - 673-1382
Free Admission

Saturdays at Sundown
June 16 thru September 1
Annual Flag Lowering Ceremony
Patriotic Music, Taps, Canon Salute.
Balboa Boat Rentals
By the Balboa Island Ferry Landing
Balboa Peninsula

Thursday, August 9, 6 PM
The Art of Angling
Fl;ick Ford 
Fish: 77 Great Fish of North America
Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

Saturday, August 11, 2 PM - 5 PM
The Art of Angling
Mike Rivkin
Angling and War
The Collision of Big-Game Fishing
 and WWII
Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

August 12, All Night
Perseid Meteor Shower

Sunday August 26, 11AM - 3PM
The Art of Angling
Stanley Meltzoff
Illusions of a fish Painter
Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

Monday, August 27, 8AM
7th Annual Guns & Hoses
NBPD Benefit Golf Tournament
Officer Todd Hughes 949.644.3652

Tuesday, August 28,  2:52AM
Total Lunar Eclipse

Saturday, August 26, 6PM
Concerts in the Parks
 Scott Martin’s Latin Soul Band
Bob Henry Park

Saturday, September 1
Aurigid Meteor Shower

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Help! I'm a young man trapped inside this old geezer's body.
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Cook & Bottle Washer
Jim FournierI'd really love to hear from you.





Viewer Email & Memories

Hi Jim,
Love your site, love your book. My collaborator and I (who co-edited DUMB ANGEL #4: ALL SUMMER LONG) have put up a new blog about Balboa. Here's the link:
I hope you enjoy it, and maybe spread the word around town.
Yours, Brian

I'm looking for someone who posted on the forum and used this site as his 'home webpage'. They stated that they knew Bobby Batuga from the resataurant "Tips" in Valencia.
I am searching  for info in this regard, as it was my haunt, my father's haunt and my granfathers haunt.
Please disregard if this is unrelated to you.
Jeff Payne

Dear Sir,
I need some information immediately and hopefully you can help me.  I need to know the exact location of Bill Ireland's, aka The Bamboo room, the Doll House on Central aka Main St. and The Blue Room which would be around the 1940's to 1950's.  Please help me with this information, I will appreciate it greatly.
Thank you,
Nancy Simonian

I used to work at Orange Julius, back in the days when Norma Anderson (Mr. A's beautiful wife) would hire any kid with a mohawk and a hunger for making minimum wage. Commuting every day across the ferry is a memory no acid flashback will ever erase. Thank you Balboa!
Chuck N. Reilly

Jim, I visit the site frequently on the cams.  Tonight I happened to check out the ferry.  Lo and behold look what I caught.  Note the sun is setting behind the camera but it is reflecting in that building in Fashion Island and then bouncing back onto the bay.  What a great cam!!!
Tom O'Loughlin

Neat website.  What got me here????  Thumbnail sketch answer...I watched a Discovery Channel show about the sinking of the Lusitania and saw that there was a Vanderbilt aboard who perished.  I Googled him and then read about his son, George Washington Vanderbilt and it mentioned that he was a yachtman and owned the "Pioneer."  I couldn't believe it was the same "Pioneer" that I used to see in the Turning Basin, along with the "Goodwill" - in days gone by, and sure enough, your website gave me the answer that yes - it was the same "Pioneer," and is now a Windjammer Cruise Yacht!  Enjoy the beach everyone...I live in Ohio now and it is a LONG way from your gorgeous harbor!!

Hi Jim,
Joy (Yvonne) here, from across the street.  Just wanted to say I appreciate you as a good neighbor, and somehow just wanted to relay that to you.  Wanted to send you Michael's resume so you know a little more about him.  He says you are so friendly to him, and it means a lot.  He travels between here and LA and is hard to miss, as he is the blackman, who is hard to miss over here.  He's such an interesting guy, heart of gold; wants to run for President (he makes me smile on this one, as he is so serious) and he details cars for a living.  If you have an email where I can send his resume about running for Secretary of State, on the Republican ticket, and he got a quarter of a million votes; it's interesting.  So anyway, lifes' too short, not to step out of character sometimes, and just plain say thank you, for being such a good neighbor.

I love your website! God Bless You ! Many people should be nice like You :):)!!!!

Jim: last night on TCM television network I saw movie with Buster Keaton called "college" it was made in 1927. It had a sequence where Buster Keaton was racing in crew skulls in Newport Harbor
It was interesting because you could see the pavilion clearly, but the houses were sparse and sometimes you could see from the bay all the way to the ocean I  checked on Google and its available on video.
Bill Messemer
Maintenance supervisor 2nd shift
cell 714-475-4528
direct 714-230-4522

Hello there,

We will be in Balboa on the 29th of July for the day. I saw on the calendar "FLIGHT OF THE LAZERS" but don't know what that is. Can you fill me in? We are going to the US OPEN OF SURFING that morning and need to know if we need to leave there in time to see it.


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