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June 2008 / Vol 10 No 6



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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

It was Labor Day 1995, when the police pulled over and arrested the dumbest man in the world. Not only did he give police two different names; both names had outstanding arrest warrants. Then there was Jim Carnack owner of the Balboa Bar-B-Que Pit in the Fun Zone recalls a few days ago when it was raining and he had gotten his pants wet and changed them. Jim who always wears his pager on his belt just above his right front pocket, later discovered he could not find it. Frantically Jim started searching for his pager. He looked everywhere. In a last resort he started calling the pager to activate it so he could hear it beep. With each call Jim could hear the pager but couldn't quite locate it. For nearly a half-hour Jim kept calling and trying to locate the sound of the beeper. Finally Jim found the pager. It seems it was on his belt all the time; it had just been pushed around the belt over his hip pocket. And finally, Past Commodore of the Balboa Island Sculling and Punting Society Darrel Burke, always carries his pager with him because of his work. Darrel recalls one Saturday morning when he was sitting at home and he kept hearing a beeping sound coming from his bedroom. Darrel knew it couldn't be his pager because he had it on his belt. After a while Darrel went to investigate the sounds. After some searching, Darrel found the source of the beeping. It was his pager. It seems Darrel was wearing his garage door opener on his belt.

Old Photo of
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Hello again, Jim
Since you have a file of old photos I'll go ahead and send this one of me with my "fire truck." Because I lived behind the fire station on Balboa Island and spent lots of time there, I knew what a real fire truck looked like...and to me my fire truck was the real thing. It had two ladders. painted in the right colors, brown and white...a lantern on the front, lots of garden hose, a platform on the rear (that I'm standing on) with a raised hand hold, and a valve to turn on the water. Here I am in about 1948, age 9, and all dressed up in my red plastic hat, rain coat and rubber boots. Living on Onyx near the North Bayfront, I'd race up and down the sidewalk with my fire truck and go running out with my ladder to climb up onto someone's pier. Pretty heady stuff when you're 8 or 9. The photo was taken at the west corner of North Bayfront and Onyx Ave. with the old bridge in the distance. Look at the bluff in the background...nary a dwelling there in 1948.
Thanks, Jim, for your interest in these oldies.
Dave Howell

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Taco Tuesdays, All Day
$1.00 Tacos, No Limit, Eat In/Take Out
Great Mex
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

Sundays, 1 PM - 4 PM
Jimi James Live
R&B - Reggae - Funk
Harborside Restaurant

Fridays, 10 PM - 2 AM
DJ Bob D-spinning
Shorehouse Cafe

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204 Washington St.

1st Wednesday of the Month
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 Fun at Pirates Cove, 2 - 5 year olds

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
(949) 673-7863 X 105 Carol Davis

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1 PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Thursdays, 6 PM,  May 15 - Sept. 4
Balboa Beer Can Regatta

Balboa Bay

Saturday, June 7
7th Annual Corona del Mar
 Scenic 5K Race

Thursday, June 12,  7 PM
Newport Beach Central Library
1000 Avocado Avenue
Phone: (949) 717-3800

Friday June 13,  7 PM - Midnight
Rocky Horror Time Warp Party
Balboa Pavilion

Sunday, June 15,  10 AM - 2:30 PM
Father's Day Champagne
Brunch Buffet
Harborside Restaurant

Wednesday, July 2,  6 PM - 9PM
Winemaker Dinner - Coppola Winery Serving 6 course meal with 6 wines
Harborside Restaurant

Friday,  July 4,  1PM - 3 PM
Old Glory Boat Parade

Balboa Bay

Friday, July 4,  8 PM - 11PM
Disco Party Cruise Free Appetizers
Riverboat Angela Louise

Saturday, July 12,  7 PM - 9:30 PM
Billie Holiday Jazz Cruise
Actress/ Vocalist Gloria Hendry performs a musical tribute to Jazz Legend Billie Holiday
Riverboat Angela Louise

Thursday, July 17, 6 PM
Great Mex Taco Eating Contest
1st Prize $200 & Bragging Rights
Great Mex Grill
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

Sunday, July 20,  1 PM
Flight of the Lasers
Balboa bay

Wednesday, September 17
Talk Like A Pirate Day
All ages, all day
Come dressed as a favorite pirate
Balboa Branch Library

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In response to Gordon Wagner...
I know of the painting you're talking about (or at least one sounding just like it going by your description). We rented the back house twice a year for years from Rolf & Ruth Laib (Laib's Sand Castle) up until the end of 2007 when they sadly stopped renting due to health issues. In the rental unit, they had this picture on one of the walls of the living room. Maybe Jim can go and pay a visit to Rolf & borrow the picture and scan it in for you...but seriously, there has to be another copy of it somewhere...
Sergey Zakharov

I love your site, though it really nostalgic to remember how things were so long ago -- it seems like yesterday my Dad and I would row across the Grand Canal from the little island to buy doughnuts on Saturday mornings.
Is there any chance you might be familiar with a print made from a painting showing the view from the top of the OLD ferris wheel in the Fun Zone? I think it was by a female painter from the 70s. It showed the view towards the Pavilion. I'd love to find a copy.
Thanks again for a great web site.
Gordon Wagner

Hi Jim!
What a happy surprise to see my 1948 photo of "Fireman Dave" as your Old Photo this month. 
We lived on the Island from 1946-1950 and I am trying to find old playmates, born around 1939, who attended grades 1-3 at Corona Del Mar Elementary.  People I'm looking for include Paul Mantz Jr., "Skippy" Hudson, "Chuckie" Cramer, Edmund Mason, Lance Green (or Greenleaf), Laura Beth Burke, Sharon Anderson, Arthur (S?) whose father had the upstairs photography shop on Marine Ave, and "Buddy" Budworth.  Also I'm trying to find people who knew the firechief, Ed Zuby or his two daughters.  I have a photo of Ed Zuby and myself from 1948.Keep up the good work, Jim...we appreciate it.
Dave Howell
Upland, CA
David Howell

I will be renting on the Island from July 5th until July 19th, 2008. We are desperately in need of a one person kayak for that time period. All of the rental companies charge $55/day. For 2 weeks I could rent a nice mid-sized car for that price. Give me a break!
If you live on the Island and have a spare kayak, let's talk. I would certainly be willing to pay a fair price (not $55/day).
Tom Dial  Concord, CA

Hello, I love your website!! Just wondering if you can make your archives more accessible?? Thanks so much!!

Do you have a record of previous weathereye pages going back to 11/01/07?
Scott Felder

Hi Jim,
Will there be free concerts in the Gazebo this summer?
Used to be on Thursdays. Do you have a schedule?
Best, Jeff

Hi there,
I have 3 Beercan races posted on my website.  I'd love to be able to feature them on your website, because so many families love to see the pictures of their sailing friends - my site gets a lot of coverage.
Bronny Joy Daniels

was wondering if they had skuba diving and/or 4 th of july fireworks there?

Your work has been an inspiration for Balboa, love your work.
Case Van Mechelen

gr8 site brutha! can we in the future get a cam of the boardwalk action/scene around "Mutt Lynchs" or "Blackies"? that would be killer! I miss my NB/OC. My wife took a job promo & we had to move to Dallas. We've been away since april of '06. Some day we will get back & retire on the Balboa Pen.............Where I've spent nearly 1/2 of my life. Ill be 45 next month, ouch!

Dear Jim,
Having spent delicious summers on the little island during the early-to-mid 1950's (and submitting a piece of nostalgia on those days to TOB which you were kind enough to publish) and, knowing from a number of return visits over the years that the islands have not changed all THAT much, I'm bringing my "bride" out from West Virginia for a short visit to family in Pasadena in early June.  I thought it might be a real nice thing to get a rental house that faced either the canal or one of the bays and just kick back for a few days (looking at 6,7, 8 of June).  So I thought of you and whether you might know of any such waterfront rentals and just whom I might contact to check on price and availability.  Thanks so much for any assistance you might per chance provide.
Curt Mason, Summit Point, WV
PHS Class of '57.

There's a bug stuck in my new LCD screene. I've been trying to get it out for a month now. The only thing is it only happens on this site. Is this what Microsoft calls a BUG.
I'll buy some Raid tomorrow. Maybe they sell screene saver Raid.
Love ya

Hi, Jim -- Your "Tales of Balboa" book is truly amazing. That easy-read, 76-page book confirms my observation of Balboa -- that it's the town's people and not so much the beautiful surroundings that make Balboa so unique. The people of Balboa not just tolerated the unusual characters who were attracted to their town but they embraced and appreciated them. Anyone who has a fondness and love for Balboa needs to have your well-written book on their bookshelf. And your conclusion that "Tales of Balboa" has something for everyone is right on. The front to back panoramic book cover is worth the book's low price. --Jim Isadore,
Boynton Beach, FL

More thoughts........ walks around the island,(big and little),... walking dog, Mike, big irish setter.... walking to main street to candy store, dads, buying chocolate frozen banana's......riding on the Bay Queen sailing ship to the ocean..... renting paddle boards from the shop by the ferry boat. paddling around the island.......finding sand dollars in the canal, and star fish on very low tides......sitting on the beach, diving from dock,.......swimming across the bay, (very carefully)...going to pirates cove, .........having barb-q's on the big beach, and at little corona, going to the wedge and body surfing, (green flag only for me) fishing on off the docks....and last but not least sailing,.......I do miss the sailing. in a lido 14...(I think).... just some of the thoughts of Balboa
victoria s smith

Jim  concerning your lilly call 4lb test derby.I grew up in newport my grandfather captain bill blair a member of your club way back  1900 his boat the Gig He has somr records if you look you will see!This has always been a great  time now there over cooking burgers contributing levi material shirts jackets  i just hope your anglers have the challenge they live for.Thanks if you could post this I would be very thankful  have fun anglers I know who the winners will be again Julian Westerhout

Any chance someone can tweak the cam at the ferry to the right so we can watch them work on the ramp all week?

I go to Balboa beach every friday during the summer with my friend and her church and the first time I went I fell in love with Balboa, so I introduced my other friend to Balboa this weekend and she now has a new favourite beach. I just love being able to swim, shop, eat, and have lots of fun all in the same place. And almost every time I go we encounter really fun, cute sea-life. Just this weekend there was a seal swimming in the waves

It's Beercan season again!  I'm a member of BYC and take the Beercan photos each week. We show them in the Bar at BYC and I post them on a website.  Would you be interested in linking with me?  I'll be posting a Beercan album each week until the season is over.
Bronny Joy Daniels

Hi Jim,

I lived in Balboa for many years, and new Mel Fuchs well. I moved out of the area in the late 80's and while checking out you website I learned Mel had passed away. When did that accure /
he was an awsome guy. I am a contractor and did several projects for him, and he was also my landlord at one time........... 70's and 80's in Newport were great times............

Thanks for getting back with me Jim, I miss those fun days in Balboa 1970 - 80's Is the old Telephone Bldg. and Balboa Theater still there ? I'll have to get down there one of these days.....
I also remember Corney. I use to give him a few bucks... I would see him at the dounut shop
I think it was a Winchells......... Its been many years..............
Take Care,

I loved your website.  I am wondering if you know of any miniature models of the pier/Balboa Pavilion or any kits that allow you to construct a model of these areas.  My daughter has been assigned the Balboa Pier and Pavillion as her "float model" to make and present for her class.  I am hoping you may know of a source for a kit to construct a replica of the fun zone, etc.\
Thank you. Todd Thompson


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