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From TalesOfBalboa the Book

The Balboa Island Sculling and Punting Society was formed in the old Village Inn on Balboa Island in the late 1940's. Ron White, who was the society's treasurer for eight years, says," [They were a] bunch of eccentric old guys sitting around doing nothing. Bored, wealthy people who wanted to do goofy things. The membership was hand written on the back of a menu. Well-known cartoonists Dick Shaw, one of the creators of Mr. Magoo, and Virgil Partch who drew the VIP cartoons, were two of the founding members. In the mid 1980s the group decided to take the bus to Hawaii, and this group had no problem doing things the right way.  First Ron verified that there were enough funds in the treasury for the adventure. A letter from the Governor of  Hawaii approving the trip was acquired. Heublein, the liquor distributor agreed to supply the booze and stewardesses for the trip. Flying Tiger Airlines agreed to fly the bus to Hawaii in one of its big cargo planes. The plan was to buy an old school bus, give it a quick coat of paint, load it into the plane and have one hell of a party on the bus while flying over the Pacific Ocean, then donate the bus to a convalescent home in Hawaii. Everything was set to go. Then, at the last moment, due to financial problems, Flying Tiger backed out of the deal and the adventure never came to pass.

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Taco Tuesdays, All Day
$1.00 Tacos, No Limit, Eat In/Take Out
Great Mex
703 E. Balboa Blvd.

Mondays thru Thursdays
Pole Dancing Classes
Balboa Pilates

204 Washington St.

1st Wednesday of the Month
 10 Am - 11AM
 Fun at Pirates Cove, 2 - 5 year olds

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
(949) 673-7863 X 105 Carol Davis

2nd Wednesday of the Month
 Book Club Luncheon 1 PM

Newport Landing Restaurant

Wednesdays 7 PM - 9 PM
Art Night
Rainey Fine Art Gallery
103 Palm St. - 673-1382
Free Admission

Sunday February 17, 3 PM
Sunday Musicale Event
Classical Edge Trio
Newport Beach Central Library

Saturday, March 8, 4:30 6 PM
Live from UCI: Hear the Future;
Poets and Novelists
Newport Beach Central Library
949. 717.3800

April 9, 13
35th Annual Newport Boat Show

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Helen Stephens stands at the door of Bayside Villa as Carol Depa boats by on Bay Ave. during the floods of the early 1980s.

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Viewer Email & Memories

I imagine that Aloha would have offered photos and memorabilia regarding her time with the "Wanderwell Expeditions", which she led with her erstwhile husband Walter Wanderwell. Together they owned a schooner called the "Carma" which was berthed at Newport Beach. Would it be possible to have have someone check the library's holdings for anything Aloha Baker may have submitted?
Phyllis Scheffler

Wonderful area to visit - especially if you are a flat-lander from Nebraska! I took many pleasing pictures in just a few hours on a beautiful October day 2007. You can view them at:
Mike Carney

Good Morning:
Say, I watch your webcam daily while at work.  I live in Phoenix and enjoy visiting Balboa many times each year.  About a week ago, the camera at the ferry dock has been moved to the left.  I can't see the ferry loading and unloading, which was interesting.  Can you tilt it back to the right a little bit?  Thanks.
Bob Borg    Phoenix, AZ

Gosh!  I just had to respond to your photo of Art's Landing.  As a kid, my father used to take me out deep sea fishing and he would always treat me to a hot chocolate from the cafe before we'd board the boat.  The photo brought back great memories.  It's exactly as I remember it.  Thanks for the good memories.
Trudy Boulay

I'm trying to find the artist who sits outside the fun zone during the summer and does caricature drawings of people. 
And my husband would love to know if anyone has Hidi's salsa recipe.  Thanks!

Hey Jim
It was nice meeting you the other day... I'm trying to find a guy who is about to paddle to Catalina and back someone in a boat to follow him, at least part way. His story is on my website
and I contacted the O.C. Register, and his story is on the front page of today (Thursday's) and tomarrow's (Friday) front page. If you know of anyone in your end of town that could help this guy out, please get ahold of me.
All the best
Tom Cozad



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